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6 Simple Ways to Live A Happy And Healthy Life


Life is pretty short for you to live a miserable life. Our goal as humans is basically to make the best out of our lives. Along the way, some instances will surely make us crestfallen. Sometimes we just want to give up and end everything. What we are forgetting is “there is always wisdom in everything that’s happening around us”. ...

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Setting Goals That Won’t Hinder You


Dan Chabert | Athletic endeavors and goals pretty much go hand-in-hand. If you’re an athlete in training, then chances are high that you’re also going after a goal, and it is the pursuit of realizing your goal that drives your training. Practically speaking, goals oftentimes give athletes some sort of metric or benchmark to determine their success. However, goals can ...

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7 Simple Ways to Detox your Lifestyle

detox-your-lifestyle-1 (2)

Julian Hooks | Detoxing is a process that clears up the body from toxins. This is essential to maintain a well-balanced and healthy body. Today, one can choose from numerous ways to allow detoxification of the body. Several Nutrisystem testimonials also feature activities to aid in detoxifying. These activities enable one to live happier, healthier, and with lesser toxic life.  ...

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Are you Drinking Enough Water? How Much Your Body Really Needs


Janet Robinson | We need to drink 8 glasses of water a day right? I’ve heard it, you’ve heard it, I’m pretty sure there are poster and billboard and cereal boxes with this information printed on them in big bold letters. The common thought is the more water you drink, the better it is for your body. But is this ...

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12 Health Benefits of Quinoa, According to Science (+8 Delicious Recipes To Try)


Jesse Miller | In recent years, quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has become a buzzword among the health-conscious. Considered a trendy superfood, quinoa’s superior make-up earns its status. Quinoa, a seed among grains, can be served hot or cold, and is typically boiled in the same manner as rice. It is simple to prepare and makes for a great substitute to other ...

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The Untold Benefits of Hemp Oil


Jessica Williams | Have you ever seen hempseed oil around but avoided it because you didn’t know that much about it? Maybe you thought it was illegal or unsafe. I used to think so anyway. The hemp plant is often shrouded in controversy because of its loose association with marijuana. Let’s clear this up right now. While hemp trees belong ...

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Know How Argan Oil Can be A Saviour for Your Skin


More and more people are turning toward the organic lifestyle to eliminate the dangerous effects of toxic chemicals from products such as, cosmetics. Conventional cosmetic products may not only damage your skin, but also lead to various severe skin conditions. Argan oil is great for alleviating conditions which effect hair and skin. Extracted from the kernel of the argan tree (Argania Spinosa), this ...

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Top 7 Reasons Why Morning Exercises Are Crucially Important For Your Health


Jennifer O’Neal | If you yearn for better performance and stout, strong and fit body, obviously exercise is the only natural way to achieve that. Moreover, exercising early in the morning is way more effective and beneficial than in any other time of the day. Be it running in treadmills/open tracks or riding exercise bikes, sweating out in the morning ...

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Lets Talk About Depression


Kalie Jade | They call it the silent killer. They say it’s a process you must go through to come out of the other side. What puzzles me is that if so many of us are going through it, why is no one talking about it? I need to talk about it. I’ve just emerged from the darkness, and hope ...

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How is the Food You Eat Effecting You? Key Foods to Help to Boost Your Mood


Juliette Bryant | You are what you eat. No one would deny it. Eat a lot of doughnuts and you’ll start to look like one. But what about the subtle affects that food has on our mood, brain chemistry and emotional wellbeing? In this article I’ll give guidance on the best foods for a positive life and the ones to ...

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