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AMANDA MONTEIRO | The topic of parenting is a sensitive one, especially when the conversation directs to discipline. One such method of discipline in particular has long been debatable: spanking. While many parents agree on its appropriateness, more and more parents are opting out of this disciplinary action. In fact, in 1979, Sweden was the first country to actually implement spanking as illegal. ...

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ELINA ST-ONGE | As a young girl, images of airbrushed models and “perfect” figures in magazines really impacted me. I began plastering my own face with thick layers of foundation as young as 15 years old because I worried I wouldn’t be liked without it. Now I am 25 years old and feel much better within my own skin… but it took me years ...

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This Little Girl Asked Her Divorced Parents To Be Friends; Her Astounding Wisdom Will Touch Your Heart


by Alanna Ketler | This video has gone insanely viral over the past few days, and for good reason. She seems wise beyond her years, offering simple, yet profound advice in a way that makes it feel like her soul is speaking directly to us. The girl, named Tiana, is asking her soon-to-be divorced parents to be friends with one another. She says, ...

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Seven Key Things You Can Do To Ensure Your Children Grow Into Independent Adults


Codependency causes so much unhappiness. Research shows that codependency is learned in families and passed on generationally. It prevents the development of healthy, independently functioning individuals. When parents are codependent, codependency gets transmitted, unless they’re self-aware and consciously make an effort to respond to their children in healthy ways that counteract their codependent patterning. But because codependency is learned, it ...

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9 Lessons I’ll Teach My Children Before They Finish School


by Jermaine Harris | In school, you’re taught a lesson and given a test. In Life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson” – Tom Bodett During several positive transformations over the past 3 years, I have learned so many lessons. Prior to my period of rapid personal growth it was widely accepted by my friends and family that I had ...

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A Message To A Soon-To-Be Born Child Reveals A Lifetime’s Worth Of Lessons In 3 Minutes


by Jefferey Jaxen | What follows is a spoken word message to newly arriving souls. A message crafted for soon to be mothers and fathers waiting to gain the wisdom to pass down to generations of their children and grandchildren. The footnotes to the instruction manual we never received upon birth into this body. It is now shared though one person’s ...

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7 Myths About Homeschoolers That Deter People From Exploring The Option


by Joe Martino | You may have heard of Logan Laplante, he is a kid who was home-schooled and through choosing that path, has learned to hack his education so that he can learn what he is interested in, and expand at his own pace outside of the confines of traditional education. The article about Logan was the most viral story we ...

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Unique Study Shows What Type Of Memories Babies Are Most Likely To Remember


by Katharine J. Tobal | Special memory tests performed on 5-month-old babies by researchers revealed that infants may not be able to express it, but they can more easily recall memories associated with positive emotion -such as when parents are playing, talking to and laughing with them. Studies prior to this had already revealed babies as very attuned to emotions, including ...

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7 Amazing Things To Know About Breasts


Breasts have so many incredible benefits for the health of humanity, the power of women, and the nurturing of the future generations. It is not often that I throw up re-posts but sometimes I feel the info can be very serving for people and so here comes a re-post. Please note that this article was originally posted at http://karamariaananda.com. It is ...

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Integrating New Souls into Earth


Christof Melchizedek | Announcing…. Last week on July 5th at 9.33am Noa Sananda Melchizedek was born into our world. It was a beautiful birthing ceremony at home with Roxy (Mum) Akasha, and a Dr – Midwife husband wife team…. I wanted to take this moment to share some of what I feel is important news about integrating souls into this time space ...

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