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12 Health Benefits of Quinoa, According to Science (+8 Delicious Recipes To Try)


Jesse Miller | In recent years, quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has become a buzzword among the health-conscious. Considered a trendy superfood, quinoa’s superior make-up earns its status. Quinoa, a seed among grains, can be served hot or cold, and is typically boiled in the same manner as rice. It is simple to prepare and makes for a great substitute to other ...

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AMANDA MONTEIRO | I have to admit, I am not a fan of jam. I usually find it too sweet, and for obvious reasons: most jams are laden with processed sugar. In order for jam to get that jelly consistency, the fruit has to be boiled with sugar so that pectin can be released. You can buy your own pectin to reduce the amount of ...

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How To Make Lavender Lemonade To Get Rid Of Headaches & Anxiety


by Joe Martino So many people suffer from anxiety and headaches these days. I believe this to be a mixture of our lifestyles and many of the changes that are taking place in our world that are pushing people to question what we’ve been doing as a society repetitively for many years. You know what I mean… that feeling that ...

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Hearty Healthy Homemade Granola Bars


by Alanna Ketler | It is tough to find a decent granola bar in regular grocery stores. Most of what’s available is loaded with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and preservatives. You can find some healthier alternatives at the health food store, but then you end up having to spend an arm and a leg for something that is actually so simple to ...

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3 Healthy Uses For Dandelion (With Recipes) That You’d Never Think Of


Dandelions are one of the most health giving, nutritious and abundant wild edibles that I have come across. To identify a true dandelion from the three look a-like plants of Catsear, Hawkbit and Hawkesbeard (all of which are edible, yet none are as beneficial), dandelions have a single golden yellow flowerhead on a hollow stem (see below) containing white sap. ...

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How To Clean Your Fruit & Veg


by Mike | Most of us know that most of our foods are mass produced mainly for convenience, profit and other agendas. Which all can lead to unintegral ways of production, such as sacrificing quality and health, for yeild, efficiency and dollar signs. Most of our foods are chemically treated, and sprayed to last longer,  so they can make it to ...

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Easy Nut Butter Recipe


by Samantha Keene | If it were possible to send a jar of this nut butter to everyone reading out there, I would do it in a heartbeat. This stuff is life-changing. Imagine the best nut butter you’ve ever had… then multiply it by 100, and subtract all the sugar. That’ll get you close. These days most people are aware of the ...

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Apple Cinnamon Overnight Slow-Cooker Oats


by Lisa Kilgour, RHN. I love a hot breakfast on a cold day, but I don’t always wake up in time to make one. This warm and lovely recipe is my favourite one to wake up to. Steel cut oats are the least processed type of oat. Instead of being flaked, the oat groat has been chopped up into a ...

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Raw Onion Bread Recipe


by Matthew Christodoulou.| Hello everyone So, I am officially on day 15 of my raw vegan diet adventure! Up to this point, it has been an amazing experience full of acceleration, transition and enlightenment. I have been keen on focusing my observation on my mental and physical state throughout the transition and I plan to film a video log all ...

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A Recipe For Fat Flush Water (It Literally Flushes Fat)


You may have heard some of the hype about “Fat Flush Water.” But how exactly does water flush fat out of your system? Clearly, water is not some kind of magic diet supplement. Your body needs enough water every day to keep hydrated and cleanse itself of unwanted materials. Fat deposits that form on the body can be tough to ...

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