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Paul Terrell | Harmonious Communication For a Unified World

Paul Terrell

Next Talk – 2nd April – London HARMONIOUS  COMMUNICATION FOR A UNIFIED WORLD - Paul Terrell   Unity is not globalisation, it is individuals and communities choosing peace, ecological renewal and human rights as the basis for uniting the whole world in a commitment to reason. Cultural and ecological diversity are threatened as is local determination. These are essential for the ...

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Ladrhyn Bexx | Breathwork & Gong Bath Meditation

Ladryhn Bexx

Next Event – 2nd April 2017 – London BREATHWORK AND GONG BATH MEDITATION Experience an ecstatic state of bliss through breathwork, followed by a journey through the soundscapes of sound healing gongs at Gathering Of Minds with Ladrhyn Bexx. Ladrhyn will capture your hearts and mind as you enter into deep states of transformational breathing and sound.    Bathe yourself in ...

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Todd Acamesis | Nature And Purpose of Physical Reality


Next Talk – 2nd April 2017 – London WHAT IS THE NATURE AND PURPOSE OF PHYSICAL REALITY? During this talk, I’m going to share my personal out-of-body experiences that show evidence our physical reality could be a sophisticated virtual reality program projected onto a multidimensional space-time “screen” from a parallel world, which is home to more advanced versions of us. ...

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Sara Glatt | My Life With Iboga

sara glatt

Next Talk – 2nd April 2017 – London MY LIFE WITH IBOGA Iboga is a powerful teacher plant from which people have reported profound insight and deep change after taking. Iboga is said to take you straight to the root cause any pain and suffering for healing and transformation. Iboga has attracted attention in the Western world because of its ...

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Loren Lockman | Thirsting for Health


Next Talk – 2nd April 2017 – London THIRSTING FOR HEALTH Loren will be exploring the critical impact of hydration and dehydration on health and overall functioning. This will include why nearly everyone is significantly dehydrated — even when they think they’re not, the impact of dehydration on the body and mind, why drinking more water alone will not get ...

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Insense – Channelled Piano Music & Singing Bowl Sound Bath


Next Event – Sun 29th Jan 2017 – London Come and relax in a gentle, peaceful space and allow yourself the opportunity to reconnect with all of your senses. Enjoy a guided meditation whilst channeled piano music is played live with a singing bowl sound bath. Music is the language of the soul and it connects so deeply to humanity. ...

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Yoga & Movement Meditation – Carolyn Homes (Yoga Warrior Mode)


Next Event – 29th Jan 2017 – London Carolyn will lead us in a gentle yoga practice to awaken the body and cleanse the mind. She will then guide us through a dynamic movement meditation practice designed to release the build up of any negative emotions and energy blockages, to open the mind and open the heart. Also on the ...

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Akasha Sananda – Bio-Geometric Codes


Next Talk – Gathering of Minds 3rd Anniversary – 1st October 2016 Akasha Sananda has been in the healing arts since the age of fifteen and has served in over thirty different countries as a world teacher. His mission is to humbly serve and assist humanity in becoming fully realized and to obtain liberation as free, sovereign beings. Known as ...

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Christof Melchizedek – Bio-Genetic Reprogrammer


Next Talk – Gathering of Minds 3rd Anniversary – 1st October 2016 Christof Melchizedek serves as a Bio-Genetic Reprogrammer. He accelerates people by raising their vibration, expanding their consciousness and clearing blockages in order to achieve soul mission and purpose. His background degrees in psychology, physical education and Brennan Healing Science, combined with extensive experience in the indigenous healing arts ...

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Iwan ap Huw Morgan – Shamanism, Iboga and The Great Miracle of Stillness


Next Talk – 7th May 2016 – London In 2009, Iwan became focused on his quest for freedom and started practicing many disciplines such as Qi-gong and Zazen. This cultivated in him a great strength and will-power as well as a new-found self-belief that he was going to succeed in freeing himself from the shackles of methadone dependency. A rekindled interest ...

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