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Speaking your Truth (Written whilst working with the energy of Archangel Gabriel)


Candi | Time 2 Heal It is becoming increasingly necessary to speak your Truths. This is, to be honest and authentic about what exists in your inner worlds. We are no longer coming into a season whereby darkness overshadows everything; we are blossoming anew, embracing our light. So speak your truths, speak the unspeakable, the previously unthinkable, go forth and ...

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Sara Glatt – Iboga Facilitator

sara glatt

Sara Glatt has been working with ibogaine over 12 years. She has helped, and even saved many peoples lives, by caring for them, and making ibogaine available. Sara Glatt has become one of the best-known ibogaine treatment providers for the Western world. With a high percent of success rate, Sara Glatt was able to help hundreds of people by using ...

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The Lost traditions of Women’s Moontime and Ceremony


Lisa Li | I don’t know about you, but my teenage years were when things started to get dramatically harder as a young woman.. When periods came, along with hormones and emotions, it was easy to start to feel incredibly alone.. What a confusing time, with so much going on, so many new experiences. Not a mother or a grandmother to share their ...

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Starseeds and Clairempaths Living in Cities Especially.


Divinityinlove | It is very important for people with psychic nature to acknowledge our personality’s automatic behaviour, so that we can treat our health with our vitally required awareness and attention. So that we can clear and cleanse our energy and check in to parts of us, which whether ignored, unacknowledged or neglected WILL be subconsciously active regardless, and affect our ...

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Yogi Magic! Yoga for Manifestation.


Divinityinlove | Yoga is energy work, it’s deep and yet gentle. Healing and committing to support you through any transformation. Anchoring you into your body with movement and breath. Yogic practice helps clear waste energy, and open up the body’s consciousness to receive more good energy. Good energy is the food we eat, waste energy is the wrapper. Spiritual practices help ...

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Communicating With Your Spirit Guides


Divinityinlove | You cannot communicate with your spirit guides as you do with humans. So, if you’re wondering why you cannot hear messages from your spirit guides or angels, it’s because you’re learning a new language, it’s from the heart chakra and it’s a feeling /sense more than mental or vocal communication. You “hear” it inside of you… their messages are ...

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Steve Nobel | What is Ascension? Ascension is the process of personal awakening where your energy bodies open to embody more of your Divine light into physical form. This process shifts your core vibration into a higher timeline-matrix which many are calling 5D love/unity consciousness. Here your chakras and energy systems receive an upgrade, dormant DNA becomes activated and you ...

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Christina Sarich | We can feel it when we turn on the radio and our favorite song happens to be playing, or when we sit quietly and listen to the rain. There is a palpable peace when we are absorbed in quiet and a different kind of rejuvenation when we hear the wind in the trees. There is no doubt that ...

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12 Methods to Unplug from the Matrix


It’s becoming more recognizable to even the most indoctrinated that there’s something not quite right about the collective consensus in humanity’s mind structure. This reflects that the vibration and energy of the third dimensional environment that we inhabit is slowly shifting, day by day, into a field which will inevitably be comprised of an awakened populace. This of course is ...

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Sacred Geometry and the Unified Field of Consciousness


Can Bolel | Einstein believed that there was an equation for a Unified Field that could explain the reason for everything in existence.  With this knowledge, time, space and even humanity’s origin could be deeply understood. Today, in the world of quantum physics, there are so many mysteries that our current understanding of reality seems unequipped to grasp phenomena such as ...

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