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Zohar Bahir – From Airline Pilot to Ayahuasca Shaman..

Next Talk 12th September 2015 – London Gathering of Minds – Two Year Anniversary From Airline Pilot to Ayahuasca Shaman – Zohar Bahir  From early childhood Zohar always had a strong connection to space mainly through the medium of dreams. Those started with her dreaming very vividly of her father being taken into a spaceship. The repeated dream took many ...

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Susan Laing – Liver Rejuvenation

 Next Event | 6th May 2018 | London Love Your Liver and Feel ALIVEr – Susan Laing Susan is an expert in detoxing the body, specifically the liver and gallbladder. This came about after she overcame a series of health issues. In this enlightening and educational talk, Susan will address why the health of the liver creates a feeling of ...

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Vaz Sriharan – London College of Spirituality Founder

Vaz Sriharan next event – 12th April – London A Spiritual Journey: Awakening Soul Love In this talk Vaz will speak openly about his journey from 15 years of depression, alcoholism to creating the world’s largest spiritual meetup with over 10,000 members. The spiritual journey is an ongoing journey of integration (self-love) yet key spiritual principles can greatly assist us ...

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Simone Vincenzi – How to attract unlimited abundance everyday

simone vincenzi

Next Talk – 29th Jan 2017 – London How to attract unlimited abundance everyday. If you want to attract unlimited abundance and  the law of attraction, meditation and visualisation did not work in a sustainable way, you are going to love this workshop. In this interactive experience you will learn: What abundance really is – this is not what is generally thought. How ...

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Set yourself up for the day ahead, but don’t set yourself up

set yourself up for a good day

Set yourself up for the day ahead, but don’t set yourself up Inspired Action is the only action worth taking. Inspired action is action that is effortless because your WHY, your reason for doing this thing is clear to you, and you know that this action is a step or stepping stone on your path, toward your desired destination. We ...

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Fabio Garces – Sound Transformation

Fabio Garces

Fabio Garces next event 8th March 2015 – Sonic Enchantment: Transformation through sound For over 7 years Fabio Garces has been expanding the boundaries of sound healing. During a live session he shares with us this ground breaking and transformative acoustic experience which has driven his widely popular bi-monthly events. Topics covered: – An introduction to Cymatics – Sound and vibration, ...

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International TEDx Speaker – Marina Pearson

Marina Pearson Speaker

Marina Pearson – Next Event – 8th March, London Is it possible to live a life stress free? Marina Pearson will be delivering a powerful talk 8th March, showing us how we can transform ourselves to become effortless and start gaining the results we want. Your Pathway To Wisdom -Transforming Stress & Struggle Into Effortless Living & Results During this ...

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Addictive Daughter

addictive daughter

Addictive Daughter Next Talk – 8th March 2015 How can I swap my negative addictions for more positive ones? Addictive Daughter are here to show us how. They will take us through their techniques, to become the best version of ourselves. Get Addicted to the Good Stuff: 8 Spiritual Tools to Help you Become the Healthiest, Happiest, Bestest Version of You  ...

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7 Ways to Get Better Sleep

Sleep Tips

Here are 7 great tips to help you get more sleep 1) Dim the lights an hour before you go to bed. This reproduces the sunset. The pineal gland will release melatonin, which is a hormone that prepares your body for sleep when it senses the lower light levels. 2) If you’re thinking about stuff you have to do tomorrow, ...

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Bulgar Wheat with Vegetables and Ginger

Amazing on its own or as part of a meal. This is one of my favourite things to make. Its so nutritious and filling.   Prep time – 10 mins Cook time – 20 mins Total time – 30 mins Serves: 2 Ingredients Broccoli 1 small courgette, halved and sliced 2 small red peppers, cubed 2 tbsp olive oil 150g ...

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