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10 Warm-Up Exercises You Should Include Into Your Workout Routine

The warm-up is a highly important part of your workout routine and, yet, is ignored by most people. Avoiding warm-ups doesn’t allow you to perform the rest of your workout routine adequately, it can also cause pain and many other difficulties that will prevent you from exercising. The warm-up is especially important before weight loss exercises and exercises for back pain mostly because avoiding doing it would lead to more pain or insufficient calorie burn.

  1. Squat Jump

This warm-up exercise is easy. To do it, you have to stand with legs hip-width apart and raise your arms over the head. Then, sit back into a squat while trying to keep your body weight over heels. Pulse down while counting to 3 and jump up explosively with arms overhead reaching towards the ceiling. Repeat this squat jump for 1 minute.

Mountain Climbingshutterstock_195171083

Mountain Climber

  1. Mountain Climber

Form a push-up position making sure your arms are straight, and your body forms a straight line all the way from your head towards your ankles. Then, raise your right knee towards your chest while trying not to change the posture of your lower back. Pause and return into the starting position, then repeat the procedure with your left knee. Do this exercise for 1 minute, alternating the legs.




  1. Burpees

Get into the squat position and place your hands onto the floor, right in front of you. Then, kick your feet back and form a push-up position and instantly return the feet into the squat position again. When you return to the squat position, jump up as high as you can (like in squat jump).

Repeat this exercise while trying to move as fast as you can. This exercise is designed to maintain a fast pace. Try to do between 20 or 25 repetitions in one minute.

If you can’t don’t worry, you will get there. Next time, you do this, try to beat the number of repetitions you did the previous time.

  1. Bridge

Bridge is anBridgeshutterstock_110556422 exercise that strengthens the abdominal region, lower back, hamstrings, and is also effective weight loss exercise as well. To do this exercise, you should lie down on your back and put arms by your sides.

Then, bent the knees and raised your hips while making sure your back is straight and feet are firmly on the floor. Your hips should form a straight line together with the shoulders and knees. When you form a bridge, hold it for 30 seconds, return to the starting position and repeat the exercise for 2 to 3 minutes.

  1. Plank crawl

 This is another warm-up and weight loss exercise, and it tones your abs, shoulders, and back. To do this exercise you have to make a push-up position, then while balancing on your forearms try to lower yourself down into the plank position. When you’re in the plank position, balance on one arm your comeback into the initial (push-up) position and repeat the entire process with the other arm. Make sure your body is straight while performing this exercise and repeat it for 2 to 3 minutes.

  1. Squats

squatshutterstock_300576464Never underestimate the importance of squats. Stand still with your feet close to one another making sure the thighs are parallel to the floor just as your arms should be as well.

Look straight ahead and lower your body as if you are trying to sit on a chair or sofa. Repeat the exercise for a minute or two.


 7. Walking lunges

This weight loss exercise strengthens and tones your thighs and hips. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and then step forward with the right foot, land on the left knee and then on the forefoot. Then, stand on the forward leg with the help of rear leg. Alter the leg and repeat the whole process again.

  1. Deep abdominal strengthening

This is a great exercise for back pain as well as it’s good for warming up. Lie on your back with a small cushion under the head and bend your knees making sure feet are hip-width apart. Inhale deeply and as you try to exhale concentrate on drawing the belly button in towards the spine. Hold this contraction for 5 to 10 seconds and relax. Do five repetitions.


Lower Back Stretch

  1. Lower back stretch

Stretching the back is a helpful exercise for back pain and it helps you warm out to do more demanding routines. Kneel on all fours making sure the knees are right under your hips and hands under shoulders. Inhale and as you’re exhaling gently move your bottom towards the heels. Hold that stretch for 20 – 30 seconds and as you’re inhaling again return into the starting position. Do 6 – 8 repetitions.


Butt Stretch

  1. Butt stretch

Lie on your back and cross your right ankle over your left knee. Then, grip your left leg’s thigh and inhale. As you’re exhaling, pull the knee in towards you. Stay in that position for 20 – 30 seconds and do two repetitions on each side.

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