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10 Ways to Achieve Higher Consciousness Within Relationships

Jessica Reid |

Relationships are meant to be enjoyed ! They are meant to be spiritual journeys between two souls and they are meant to be be based in the energy of LOVE !

With this said, I have created 10 Tips For Higher Consciousness within Relationships

1 Choose

Do you want to be in Love with your partner or in Ego with your partner ? Are you operating from the energy of your heart and soul or the energy of your ego / judging, analyzing, doubtful, fearful mind ? Be conscious and focus on what energy you are contributing to your relationship.

2 Point Out  

Everything that you love and appreciate about your partner daily, focus your attention to be in a state of appreciation, Remember: Where attention goes, energy flows… If you are consciously making the effort to focus on what you love about them, you will notice more of this and vice versa! – If you focus on point out everything that you don’t love about your partner, guess what you’re going to notice more of ?!

3 Be Intuitive  

You are intelligent enough to know your partners soul and who they really are, be observant enough to know when your partner really means what they say, we all say things that we don’t mean when we are out of alignment with ourselves / stressed and none of us deserve to be raked over the coals for this, because it just isn’t a true representation of our soul – Give them space and let them apologize when they have had time to come back into their alignment.

4 Be Happy  

Take responsibility for your own alignment and inner happiness, no one else can do this for you, expecting your partner to ‘Make You Happy’ is an almost impossible task and very conditional love. What if two people were to take care of their own alignment and inner happiness and then enjoy each others company in a harmonious, compatible, loving way, adding positively to each others life experience.

5 Create  

What if you were to let go of ‘monogamy’ and societies expectations ? What if you were to really tune in with your soul and discover what is (and what is not) important for you in a relationship and create it to be your own unique experience ? For example I now choose to let go of what a relationship ‘should look like’ and I create/contribute from a place of what feels enjoyable for my unique experience.

6 Equality

A lot of the time we expect Men and Woman to ‘play’ a certain role in a relationship, yet at a soul level we are all a balance of masculine and feminine energy. Both deserve to be treated with love, what if you were to take your man on a date and let him feel pampered ? Or other ‘role reversal’ ideas where you both get to enjoy the best aspects of a relationship, it also helps to understand and appreciate what the other person does for you on a deeper level as well as letting go of expectations from one another according to gender.

7 Fall in love with yourself too

Being in a relationship is a great opportunity to not only fall in love with someone else (and vice versa) , but to also fall in love with yourself… Being the most loving, fun, happy, creative, beautiful, sensual and caring person you can be to another person is actually a great way to see your own light, to realize how beautiful you are inside and out. Be the best YOU that you have to offer and love yourself for it!

8 Am I BEING what I am wanting to receive?

Something to be very conscious of is this – If you are wanting a loving and compatible relationship, are you BEING a loving and compatible component? If you are expecting someone to love you unconditionally, are you willing to unconditionally love them? Think about what you are ‘vibrating out’ and what you are attracting back in a relationship.

9 Learn  

Soul Mate relationships are all about co-creative expansion on a soul level, be conscious to see what is really going on when you feel there is a challenge in your relationship and how you can expand and learn from it as a spiritual being, either internally / individually or as a team, lessons are always blessings in disguise, find your way through ‘challenge mode’.

10 Let Them Be  

Every person is on their own spiritual journey experiencing their consciousness and it is all in perfect timing, let them be, let them follow their own inner guidance as to what they are ready for , don’t push or preach, appreciate your own journey and allow others to have theirs, inspire with your living example and if they are ready and interested, they will ask.

Much Love,

Jessica Reid




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