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10 Ways To Instantly Start Eating Healthier

The best strategy for eating healthier is to begin eating more of the foods which are healthy. This gives your body time to transition and slowly adjust –saving you the feelings of deprivation and sudden headaches that may occur with drastic detoxing or dieting. As you continue to eat more of the healthy foods, you will naturally need less of the unhealthy foods and some small tricks that might take a bit of motivation now will soon become effortless routines. So, here are my top 10 strategies to easily incorporating more wholesome nutrition into your diet:

#1 – Add Extra Nutrition

There are a lot of seeds, nuts and food supplements packed with nutrition, which you can easily add to your meals. For example:

  • Sprinkle some chia seeds onto your morning cereal or lunch salad: just 1 tablespoon contains roughly 10% of recommended daily intake of calcium, 20% of dietary fiber and 8 times more omega-3 than salmon! It is also as high in antioxidants as blueberries.
  • Add flaxseed oil to your side of vegetables or salad dressing – it has 6 times more omega-3 than most fish-oils and a simple teaspoon can provide the full recommended daily dose.
  • You can also add brewer’s yeast to salad, soup or homemade popcorn – 2 tablespoons provide 90% of your daily needs of Selenium, 50% of Copper, 50% of Niacin, 40% of vitamin B6, 30% of protein and other vitamins and minerals!

#2 – Shift To Various Whole Grains

Try wholegrain pasta or better yet, buckwheat pasta. Instead of white rice, go for brown or red rice. Beside some new exciting flavors, you will gain far more nutrition since the majority of minerals and fiber is contained in the shell of the grain. The extra fiber helps you feel satiated and eat less while also being crucial for bowel function and digestion.

#3 – Get Some Raw Foods

While some nutrients are actually present in higher quantities in cooked food (e.g. beta-carotene and lycopene), cooked food and pasteurized juices lose high amounts of their vitamin C and enzymes which aid digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, it’s highly beneficial to eat more raw salads, fresh juices and raw snacks.

#4 – Add More Sides

Besides eating more raw fruits and green salads, you can further improve your diet by adding more vegetables or vegetable sides to any meal. You love steak? Next time you have one, try it with a double portion of spinach and asparagus. Lasagna fan? Then try adding an extra layer of vegetables to it. The more vegetables you add to your meals, the less refined carbs or meat you are going to eat.

hummus, letuce and tomato sandwich#5 – Upgrade Your Favorite Meals

Healthy eating is not something new -there are already tons of recipes to help you eat better. Creative and passionate home cooks have developed healthier and yes, equally tasty versions of most comfort foods. It is normal to be a skeptic at first, but just give it a try!

Worst case, you’ve wasted 30 minutes and the cost of 1 meal but you may well discover that you have a new favorite healthy dish. As a start, check out these incredible lentil burgers with guacamole and tomato salsa or start your day with a delicious HLT – hummus, lettuce and tomato sandwich, instead of the regular BLT – you can even bring it to work!

#6 – Drink Healthy

strawberry smoothieAnother way to incorporate more whole, nutritious, healthy foods into your daily lifestyle is to drink more healthy drinks. Fresh raw fruit juices are one option but fresh vegetable juices are even better –very low in calories and sugar, and high in minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Smoothies are also a top choice because they contain all the fiber which is lacking in juices and helps us feel satiated. Finally, one tasty and oh so healthy option is to drink naturally infused water –that is just water with pieces of fruit and herbs.

For example, lemon with mint, or orange with strawberries, or watermelon, lime, cucumber… In the end, water is the most hydrating drink and infused water can have some extra vitamins…and fun!


#7 – Use A Meal Plan

With a long to do list and a full schedule, it is easy to forget about eating healthy. We often resort to fast foods or bad snacks just because we were not organized enough to have a healthy meal instead. There are now healthy meal planning services that offer a weekly schedule with pre-selected nutritious and tasty recipes with a full grocery list – reducing the time you would normally spend in the supermarket and at home.

#8 – Healthy Eating Out

Most people enjoy eating out. And that can be an opportunity to try something new and interesting while also incorporating some more wholesome nutrition into the diet. So, why not go to a whole foods/vegan/raw food restaurant or salad bar next time?

#9 – Buy Healthier

It is easy to eat more healthy food when you have it at hand! It’s the same with junk food. If you buy junk food, you will eat junk food. Therefore, save yourself the temptation and just go to an all-natural supermarket, fill your shopping cart with a ton of fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains and healthy snacks. When you have healthy options in your fridge or cupboard, you will effortlessly eat them more often.

 #10 – Pick Good Snacks

In some situations, it is difficult to change your main course to a healthy meal. But you always have the chance to snack healthy! A pack of raw, unsalted nuts is very filling and provides many essential fatty acids, crunchy carrot sticks are high in vitamin A and fiber while quinoa crackers are rich in protein.




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