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11 Signs you have met your Soul Mate

11 Signs you have met your Soul Mate

Believe it or not, our intuition plays an essential role in discovering exactly who our soul mates are.  Suddenly, you feel this sense of “knowing” — though you’ve never met that person before. And, it is in that “chance meeting” that we discover how much alike we are.

The “chance meeting,” however, is no accident. There are no “accidents” in life. Remember, every encounter and every facet of our lives is laid out for us to explore — including the journey in finding our soul mates.

Each of us has at one time or another, met an individual to whom we’ve been drawn like a magnet. Accordingly, our mutual bond helps us to rediscover the life light in each other.

Perhaps in a not-too-distant past, we shared experiences and/or love, and that is what has drawn us together. There are NO accidents in these “chance encounters.”

11 Signs you have met your soulmate

  1. There’s a feeling you have met or know each other before. A soulmate feels very familiar to you as you have shared many lives together before.
  2. You are totally comfortable around each other and can completely be yourself.
  3. You can almost read each others mind and often know what the other is thinking. You finish each others sentences or say the same words at the same time.
  4. You have the same life goals and vision.
  5. You challenge each other in a way you have never been challenged before. Soulmate relationships are there to help both souls grow spiritually. They are not always plane sailing.
  6. You share the same morals and views of the World. You might have your own separate interesting but major life goals and plans are shared
  7. You have a really strong bond, they are like your best friend.
  8. You feel safe and secure. You would both protect each other and feel each other pain during tough situations.
  9. There are no mind games and you will always know where you stand with a soulmate.
  10. You know exactly how to calm each other down in stressful situations. You know each other inside and out.
  11. You make a perfect team and feel like you could take on the World together.

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