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how to develop a more spiritual connection

11 Ways to Develop a more Spiritual Connection with your Partner

Relationships provide challenges to help us grow both personally and spiritually, if we are open to it. They are the fast track to advancement in life.

Are they responding with love every day, or do they withdraw love and offer anger instead, when they feel upset? If they are working on love then maybe their challenge and growth lesson, is to keep their heart open even when they feel like closing it down.

On a spiritual level, we attract to us the person who is our teacher in some way, as we are for them. This person has volunteered to act out certain scenarios for us in order to help us grow.

Normally,what happens is that when they behave in a certain way that forces us to look at ourselves, we turn around and blame them for it, because we do not understand the underlying significance of what is happening.

However, blame only keeps us stuck in the past. Taking responsibility moves us forward into more positive and fulfilling ways of living.

Relationships can provide us with plenty of opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. All it takes is willingness to adopt a new way of perceiving.

Here are 11 ways to develop a more Spiritual connection with your partner 

Its the little things in life

It really is the little things in life that show you care. Do something nice for your partner like running a bath or making their favourite meal for when they come home from work. Its nice to be thoughtful and also to feel like someone has been thinking of you too.

Try new things

Developing a hobby and trying new things will help you bond. It will give you time to spend together and develop your bond

Spend meaningful time together

Turn off the TV and have a conversation, chat and take time to find out how each other’s day was. Get to know your partner. Most couples sit in front of the TV night after night having their mind’s numbed. Switch it off and have a laugh instead.

Give praise 

Congratulate your partner and give each other recognition. It will make you both feel positive. Its nice to compliment people, you don’t need a reason! Try it!

 Support each other

Times won’t always be easy. Make sure you have each other’s back and support each other through the hard times as well as the good. Support each others projects and ideas whilst giving friendly and constructive feedback if needed. Being a partner that is supportive is so crucial to having a Spiritual relationship, its shows that you take an interest in the other person life

Embrace change together 

As the relationships go through changes –  embrace that with each other, grow and evolve together


Accept your partner and their faults, its who they are. Learn to see the faults as endearing qualities and quirkiness. Accepting someone’s faults is not the same as putting up with a bad relationship with someone that treats you badly.

Be Understanding

Be understanding during times that maybe stressful or difficult. This is when your partner needs you the most.


You cannot have a spiritual partnership without trust. Trust is the key!

Avoid Judging 

When you judge you will develop a self-centred mind producing negative thoughts. This can lead to negative pursuits and actions. Its best to leave judging out of relationships, or anything for that matter! Observing is a lot different to judging, you can observe a situation without judging it.

Don’t neglect your own Spiritual journey

Take time to do things that will enhance your own growth. Having your own interests and things to do is healthy for a relationship. Meditation or quite time on your own is great.



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