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16 Way to Keep Yourself on Track Spiritually

16 Way to Keep Yourself on Track Spiritually

16 Way to Keep Yourself on Track Spiritually

By Seline Shaw

Some say loving what you do and loving how you do is the recipe for true happiness. If we are free to do anything and there has never before been an easier time to network, learn new skills, start a business then really why do we give up so easily? Become overwhelmed? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Too many choices? Perfectionism?  I am a big believer in that everything happens when and how its suppose to, but why so do few of us really pursue our true dreams and actualise our potential?

4 years ago I returned to the UK, fresh eyed with big ambitions and was lucky enough to land my dream role in the health and beauty industry. Then, on my 26th birthday redundancy struck. After months of trying to get back into the industry, I took on another job and gave up being a creative.

Two years in I felt stuck, caged and overwhelmed, even I worked for an airline and enjoyed the travelling perks of exploring Europe, something just wasn’t right. My soul ached and I knew I was off path.

Working long hours and commuting 3 hours a day meant I was physically, emotionally and spiritually burned out.

At the same time my Father got sick, after the news I moved home to be there for him and left my job. During this period I began to reignite my spirituality and open up new dimensions of my inner being that I had locked away.

Attending Gathering of Minds and meeting other  like-minded souls and experiencing the powers of the Kundalini yoga practice. My creative insights, urges and desires began to return as I healed It was time to make some big changes in my life in the pursuit of getting back to me.

I decided to continue my self-discovery and chop through the barbwire of my belief systems and mental blocks, this isn’t an overnight job.

Here’s what I’m learning along the way and ways you can keep yourself on track Spiritually:

  • Remember you are the gatekeeper to your mind
  • Cut through the garbage from recruitment consultants, parents, peers, bosses
  • Reconnect with yourself
  • Start small
  • We can do anything not everything
  • Try writing your top 6 values then squaring off one by one until your left with top three
  • Get the basics right: eat, sleep, breathe
  • Sometimes it just takes time
  • Don’t lose the dreams just learn to channel them
  • The heart wants what the heart wants
  • If you’re always ready you never have to get ready
  • Create something
  • Nourish the soul
  • Learn its ok to feel
  • Live with passion
  • Catch it before it starts look out for the cycle: Overwhelmed > stress > despair > deprivation > depression

I’m by no means there but I am learning not go around what I want but to go straight for it. Watch this space.

Power on.




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