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Stars for the Year Michael Day



ARIES: 2015 looks set to be explosive and life changing for those born under the Sign of The Ram…. The main influence will be the Empire shattering Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn which has been dogging the world since 2008 and reaches its seventh and final peak in March… Expect fireworks; dramatic shifts; passionate love affairs… i.e. business as usual for you horny guys…. The Lunar Eclipse in Aries in September heralds a Spiritual Gateway to another dimension…. Time to book that epic Ayahuasca holiday to Brazil, maybe??

TAURUS: 2015 should be kind to you after a difficult couple of years facing a Saturn Opposition in Scorpio…. Maybe Money has been tight; or the In-Laws even more irritating than usual… or you felt your libido dampened down…. Anyway, now is the window to reclaim your Venusian character…. This is the time for a Hot Romance…. A pay rise…maybe a Raw Food Diploma…. or perhaps you feel empowered to invest in that Tantric Massage course?? Nothing can stop Taurus in 2015!

GEMINI: Saturn is now moving to oppose your sign…. But this is no bad thing…. Time to wake up and smell the coffee! Enough idle gossip and meaningless networking on Facebook…. Right now you need to cook up a business plan with serious goals for the next 2 or 3 years…. Create a Mastermind group…. Invest in a decent Computer at least! Saturn loves to ground those Gemini air heads… how about arranging a programme for serious business people… Or finally proposing to your long suffering partner…. Or investing in a property in that up and coming area you’ve been talking on about for years??

CANCER: 2015 will be really deep for you guys…. But Deep is your middle name anyhow… and the T Square with the Uranus- Pluto Transit will bring all your stuff up around March…. Think Bouquet of Barbed Wire meets 50 Shades of Grey! … So this is the perfect time to embark on that PhD in Jungian Depth Psychology…. Or just get stuck into a torrid Love Triangle with a bohemian Artist from Shoreditch and a confused Toad licking Shaman from Peru…. You know you want to!

LEO: If 2014 was good for you then 2015 will be even better! This is because Jupiter in your sign has put you on the Royal road to Success! Yes, it really is just one long round of glamorous parties and elegant soirees with film stars, models and assorted Illuminati…. And it really doesn’t matter if that is a glass of Champagne in your hand… or a tumbler of Psychedelic Plant Medicine…. Because everyone has their eyes on YOU…. It’s also a great year to start a World Peace Project with the Dalai Lama as your chief Patron…..

VIRGO: Perhaps you are secretly envious of your Leo friends… well, this year it’s your turn to be the Cat that got the Cream…. Jupiter moves into Virgo in August… and everything you touch turns to Gold! Your Raw Food Cafe finally takes off…. Your shy crush on the local Tantric body worker blossoms into a Multi-dimensional Romance… Your Kick-starter Project to buy up a whole Rainforest in Ecuador is suddenly fully funded !! Also 2015 is a great opportunity for Virgo’s to embark on a career in Public Speaking … or take up that Burlesque course…

LIBRA: 2015 should be an Electric year for you…. what with the Uranus square Opposing you in March… and a Libra Solar Eclipse on April 4th…. Expect Radical Transformations…. Cosmic Revelations… and maybe some success with Internet Dating…. Libran’s are obsessed with Relationships, you see… They are also famous for being Indecisive and rather Ungrounded…. That’s why their best tonic is a week in the Amazonian Rainforest being ruled over by a strong minded Shaman… however, sitting in a circle Purging into a bucket is never a good look for an Air sign ruled by Venus…. Pass the hair spray!

SCORPIO: 2015 represents deep liberation, Ecstasy, transcendence…. You see, Scorpios have been under the cosh thanks to the baleful influence of Saturn… which is finally leaving your Sign alone… It’s been 2 grim years of heartbreak, sexual scandal, pay freezes etc… Now it’s time to let rip…. How about 2 weeks in Ibiza doing Ashtanga Yoga followed by some frenzied Raving in Pacha? This year Scorpios get their Mojos back…. They are charged with Sexual Magnetism and gorging themselves on the Raw Chocolate at a Wild Food Café near you…..

SAGITTARIUS: 2015 represents the Guru principle for you guys…. You see, Saturn is moving into your sign…. But it’s not bad news at all… You can turn your Unicorn obsession into some Lottery funded Enterprise scheme…. Or hang out in some exotic Yoga Ashram actually getting Fit…. rather than lazily downing Coconut Shakes on a jaded Thai beach…. It’s all about Discipline, Structure, Affirming Purpose… why not enrol on a Juicing and Gymnastics Coaching Programme in Bali??

CAPRICORN: Let’s get Real here…. The Uranus square Pluto transit in your sign is going to feel Apocalyptic somewhere around March… We’re talking Office Politics; Corporate Meltdown; maybe a sticky Divorce with no Pre Nup… but hey! Capricorn is the Sign of the Mountain Goat…. So maybe that’s where you should end up: like eating grass shoots outside a cave in the Himalayas.. contemplating the void…. But… don’t forget the Ipad and Multiple Sim Mobile… Your Sign always has eye on the main chance…. and you need to negotiate the Film rights… to the Book Deal… to the streamed Live show on Travel TV etc…..

AQUARIUS: Hippies have been singing about the Dawning of The Age of Aquarius for nearly 50 years, right?? But you’re still waiting for something to actually happen, so you can quit the day job? Well, 2015 won’t add anything new to the mix… unless you can get a Hot Leo doing your PR…. Aquarians are so busy “ Being The Change” that they forget to work on their Branding and Self Image… It’s all about Living the Rainbow Star Child Avalon Dream so visibly that every other Hippy wants to buy into it…. A superb Aquarian Blue Moon on July 31st turns the Unicorn Dream into Reality…

PISCES: Hey…. Astrology was designed for you, wasn’t it? All that Celestial Correspondence to the 12 Disciples and the Knights of the Round Table etc… 2015 is another glorious year for you with Neptune swimming through your Sign…. Think Mermaids, Blue Lagoons, your own prime time Sky Channel 608 doing non-stop Reiki Healing… a stunning Solar Eclipse on March 20th very much casts you in the role of Media Messiah… just make sure the CDs, DVDs and Book are all Colour Co-ordinated…. Pisceans are known to be messy and a bit slack on the detail…. To the extent of losing half their “On the Trail of The Cathars” Coach Party en route…….

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MICHAEL DAY is a much loved Psychic, Astrologer, Coach and Seminar Leader with 20 years experience in the UK and guest spots in Barbados, New York and Miami. He has also featured on TV as a Psychic including a Channel 4 documentary on the Predictions of Nostradamus.
His synthesis of Divination Skills, Business Psychology and Metaphysics makes him a unique player on the New Age scene, with Celebrity Clients, Actors, Artists, and Corporates such as BP and WPP making use of his services. He is known as “Coach to the Coaches”… SPECIAL XMAS RATES £1 per minute… via Paypal to Michael Day (tarotmike@yahoo.com)



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