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22 signs of a spiritual awakening

22 signs you are Spiritually Awakening..

22 Signs you are Spiritually Awakening.

There’s a huge awakening going on all over the World which can make us feel very different to how we did before. Here are 22 signs of a Spiritual Awakening, how many do you have?


  1. Sensations in the scalp like itching or tingling. This is the Crown chakra opening so you can receive energy.
  2. Feeling like your World view is changing and you are interested in new things.
  3. Feeling disconnected to people you once were close to.
  4. Feeling disconnected to activities you once loved to do like clubbing and partying.
  5. Becoming more health conscious – being aware of what you are putting in the body and wanting to look after it more.
  6. Feeling more connected to nature, plants and animals.
  7. Change in sleep patterns. Sudden bouts of insomnia as the body is adjusting
  8. Sensations of tingling or energies in the body.
  9. Connection to spirits.
  10. Increase in psychic ability.
  11. Increase in vivid dreams.
  12. Change in mood and emotion, sudden and random outbursts which are out of character normally.
  13. Feeling of oneness.
  14. A sudden remembering. Memories from past life or even suppressed from the past, blockages that are coming to the surface to be released.
  15. Increased sensitivity to being in crowded places like shopping centres.
  16. Feeling like you want to break free the current system.
  17. Meeting your twin flame.
  18. Discovering your purpose.
  19. Feeling like something is about to happen but you don’t know what. This can lead to feelings of anxiousness so you will need to trust!
  20. Quicker manifestations
  21. Lots of synchronicity with people, places and events.
  22. Senses becoming amplified. You may hear buzzing or ringing as you adjust to other frequencies.

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