by Susan Laing extract from her book Love Your Liver Feel ALIVEr

Most of us just love lemons! We can juice them, squeeze them, suck on them and add them to so many recipes as they taste wonderful and are full of zing! Just by adding freshly squeezed lemon juice to warmed distilled water every morning on an empty stomach can be extremely beneficial to our health.


The lemon is one of nature’s wonder drugs and answers to many a solution to health imbalances in the body.

The colour is a lovely bright yellow, suggesting a connection with the SOLar plexus chakra and has the colour and energy of the sun. The solar plexus is connected to the endocrine glands adrenals and pancreas.

It is also linked physically to our digestive organs such as the pancreas, stomach, spleen, upper intestines, gallbladder and liver. Our liver loves lemons!

“Yellow strengthens our spleen energy allowing us to enter a deeply SENSEual relationship between the body itself and another live being and the Earth”

The solar plexus chakra also called Manipura (lustrous gem) in Sanskrit. This chakra is about your power, self worth and creativity. When this chakra is in balance it allows us to move forward with harmony and confidence.


Using the sound Ah helps to tonify our solar plexus and organs and glands associated with it.

So next time you have lemon juice try saying ah before and after you have drunk it and you can enhance the strength of your digestive system even more.

We can also use a mantra related to self worth such as “I love and accept myself.” Or “I feel my own power.”

Lemons health facts:

  • Drinking lemon juice with warm water helps to detox the cells and liver
  • Helps the liver produce enzymes (colloids of life) due to the pH of the lemon juice
  • The pH also helps to stimulate gastric fire called agni
  • Which is about increasing the digestive juices such as stomach hydrochloric acid levels and bile flow and so helps digestion in particular helping to thin down sticky thick bile and helping with digestion of fats
  • Contains limonene which helps to dissolve mucous and stimulate lymph flow
  • And so helps to increase energy
  • And contains weak organic acid, citric acid, which helps to dissolve calcification, crystallisation and all stones! Such as kidney stones, bile stones and gallstones
  • So dissolves uric acid deposits and so helps conditions such as gout and arthritic conditions
  • A LifeFood full of hydrogen ions so helping with hydration and helps to transport spare electrons
  • It is an antioxidant so helps to create spare electrons and reduce ageing and inflammation
  • High the antioxidant vitamin C so helps to stimulate the body’s own master antioxidant glutathione and also helps to eliminate free radicals and so helps
  • With inflammation and immunity
  • Vitamin C also helps to dissolve fat cells which hold onto the toxins including the bad oestrogen’s
  • With the pith also helps to flush out the bad oestrogen’s
  • Acts as an adaptogen so helping the adrenals to fight infection
  • Lemon is the ONLY food in the world that is anionic (an ion with a negative charge) so creates cell energy
  • Full of electrolytes such as potassium so helping cell and nerve function, hydration
  • Potassium helps conduct electricity. When we have enough potassium it helps our cells relax
  • And so helps bowel movement and elimination
  • Citric acid helps to create health blood and a healthy colloid of life cycle
  • Helps to boost the immune system due to the antibacterial and anti-fungal as helps to create a healthy colloid of life cycle
  • Destroys intestinal worms

One of my favourite drinks mentioned in my new book, Love your Liver Feel ALIVEr is made with freshly squeezed ginger root, lemon and apple and slightly warmed. You can vary this recipe by just having the ginger root and making a tea. Let the sliced ginger root stew a little, for around 15 minutes, in a pan of boiled water.

Pour off the liquid with, or without ginger root and add the sliced lemon, and add either good quality stevia drops (1 drop) or ¼ tsp of unheated raw honey. Ginger root has many benefits from helping to reduce inflammation to warming up your body, including the stomach and so helping digestion.

 Susan Laing

Susan will be giving a talk about Liver Cleansing and Iriolody – a study which looks at the Iris to detect inflammation within the body, at the next Gathering of Minds 10th May.


In this talk Susan will show you images of liver related tendencies showing up in the frontal aspect of the eyes – the iris, pupil dynamics and inner pupillary border.

The irides reveal a genetic blueprint of what your health and emotional tendencies are.

We have the power to change our genetics when we are given this knowledge by altering our lifestyle, eating habits and thoughts.

We can create health – Epigenetics.

We have the power in our very own hands.

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About The Author

Susan Laing is based in the heart of Leeds city centre, above Global Tribe Crystal Shop.

She practices Multidimensional Iridology, Naturopathy, Nutritional Healing and runs regular workshops, talks on health and LifeFood, and also runs Detox retreats all over the globe.

She also is trained in Podiatry, Ashtanga Yoga and runs a Shamanic drumming Circle. She is also the author of the book – Love Your Liver Feel ALIVEr : LifeFood recipes, tips & liver detox for inflammatory bowel conditions and candida