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5 Great Reasons To Love Heartbreak

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I remember it vividly, as if it were only yesterday.

“If it’s inspiration you need, just go out and get your heart broken,” she said nonchalantly between sips of her green tea latte.

And, it seemed that just as quickly as the sarcastic advice had left her lips, I did as I was instructed – and found myself smack dab in the middle of Love. It was refreshing, exhilarating, and indeed inspirational. The process wasn’t exactly immediate; it involved an unexpected chance encounter, a handsome face, and plenty of imagination. Not for a moment did I ever think, however, that quietly over brunch we would strike upon the source of Life’s most notorious influencers: The Broken Heart.

While reflecting on some of the heart’s greatest adventures, sifting through leftover shards of my own heart’s journey, I came to realize that the real highlights were a serendipitous mosaic of the following:


This is a superb place to embark on this wild new train of thought. Let’s face it… Nothing is more inspiring than a tattered heart. Being one of the most powerful forces in the Universe, Love is magnified (for some torturous reason) the very instance it is taken away. The proof is all over our history books; many of the world’s most accomplished artists are notorious not only for their work, but also for having been the most famously broken-hearted (Shakespeare, van Gogh, Hemingway, Socrates, Picasso, Twain, Michelangelo, etc.). Each masterpiece is undoubtedly the result of a love-powered force of inspiration.


Sometimes, when we are in Love we get comfortable and forget about the many beautiful chances we have yet to take. Why risk it if we are “content”? Suddenly, however, when your heart breaks, risks become more appealing. Considering a dangerous hike? Pondering pursuit of a promotion at work that may require frequent travel to Rio de Janeiro? Have you stifled your urge to ride motorcycles because someone else wasn’t excited about the idea? Whatever experience may be in the back of your mind, take this time to enjoy being in a different space. The same broken heart that brings you down can also propel you to new heights, if only you allow it to do so.


It’s true. Sometimes love is a battlefield. Feeling as if we have “lost” in Love strengthens our sense of who we are; we realize our immense self-worth, we grow more aware of what we truly need (not simply what we want), and we begin to notice what we really desire from life. The strength gained from a broken heart can be a phenomenally empowering force. Having myself experienced accidents, assaults, injuries, wars, hurricanes, and disasters aplenty, I can personally attest to the fact that nothing pains us quite like heartbreak… But, if I can survive that, then I know there is nothing left to fear.


Somehow, this term has developed a rotten reputation, so let’s squash that once and for all. Do not confuse “vulnerability” with “weakness” when dealing with matters of a broken heart. There’s an uncanny innocence, rejuvenation, and a special glow that shines from deep within us when we are heartbroken. We feel that passion from the inside out. There’s an undeniable strength and innocence, a sense of renewal and a certain vibrancy, that develops within us when we are heartbroken. Be present with your broken heart and embrace that. It’s attractive to others when you can demonstrate your ability to feel. The “right” ones will appreciate your depth and your capability of facing whatever life throws your way (good or bad) with your head up and your heart on your sleeve. Being guarded can be a major blockage to many wonderful experiences, so don’t cheat yourself out of those pleasures.


Barely survived? Well, you made it! And, look at you now… you met that someone special. You felt the connection. You got the jitters and a few butterflies. You entrusted someone else with the care of your precious heart, and it was glorious. Sensational. Magnificent. Exquisite. Enlightening. Splendorous, and every other mushy descriptor you can possibly imagine. I realize your freshly-broken heart is most likely thumbing its nose at me now, but if that heart had not been broken, you wouldn’t have acquired all of those amazing qualities mentioned above, or packaged them up in the smarter, sexier you who’s reading this right now. Is this not one of the ultimate tests of emotional evolution? Let’s try to forget the fact that the time when the heart is actually breaking may be a tragic experience, and focus more on the idea that your growth is nothing short of extraordinary. This is part of what being human is all about. You’ve become a more lovable version of yourself! And, that’s a superb reason to cannonball right back into the pool of Love. This newer, improved version is the best You yet, and what’s not to love about that?

“The heart was made to be broken.” – Oscar Wilde





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