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5 Hopeful Thoughts for Someone with Depression

Sarah Cooper |

Depression can consume a person. Hopelessness is one of the main emotions a depressed person is feeling. Thoughts and emotions of hopelessness seem so intertwined, we don’t know where one ends, and they have us in an almost permanent negative spiral. I used to call it ‘going under’.

With this is mind ~ and I have personal experience of years of depression with a very positive outcome ~ here are 5 hopeful thoughts for the future.il_570xN_391118338_afyc

1) If your mind and emotions can create a negative spiral, a circle of negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions..

 that seem to feed each other creating negative focus thus negative experiences ~ well your mind is a powerful tool, it isn’t you ~ it is a tool to help us navigate this world, and to create.

So isn’t it also possible that the mind and emotions can also be used to create the complete opposite? Is it possible that your mind could be used to think positive thoughts, that create positive emotions, that spur on more positive thoughts ~ creating positive focus on the world thus creating positive experiences ~ and it all working together symbiotically, in harmony? A positive spiral.

Even if you don’t think this is possible for you right now, that is seems far away, isn’t the positive spiral possible?


2) If this is the worst possible stage of your life..

– the worst you’ve ever felt ~ isn’t is possible that things may slowly, slowly, slowly start to get a little bit better, even if just a tiny bit at a time, from now on? Is it possible there will be at least better moments than this?

Depression can consume a person. Hopelessness is one of the main emotions a depressed person is feeling. Thoughts and emotions of hopelessness seem so intertwined, we don’t know where one ends, and they have us in an almost permanent negative spiral. I used to call it ‘going under’.


3) If you have experienced or are experiencing hell..

– whether internally or externally ~ that is so far to the possible end of the spectrum of what is possible in this life ~ is it also possible that you can experience the other side of this before this life is through? You now have awareness of one side of the contrast, our world and perception is made up of contrast ~ isn’t is possible that with this awareness you could, should experience the exact opposite? Haven’t you paid the price of contrast?


4) We are in a depression epidemic..

At least 350 million people in the world have depression alone. That is just the amount of people diagnosed and only a slice of the mental health issues we are currently facing. It is not just you. Society is very, very sick. We are in a mental health crisis that has never been seen or looked at as in depth before.

Big changes happen in times of crisis. Society will have to change to adapt ~ if you have depression I am sure you have realised that the set up we have here on earth at the moment is not one that promotes compassion, love, care, peace and support. The positive circle I talked about above ~ that needs to be created in society, in our world ~ a positive feedback loop for the human race.

Depression is not a personal weakness! It is a human condition that must be looked at, studied, analysed and then systems set in place at the root cause, before symptoms take place.

We are advanced in information technology but not in using our own minds, brains and bodies and creating harmony.

But…we are still evolving, we didn’t just stop! As a race we are still learning, about ourselves! Our minds and consciousness, quantum physics, the unknown ~ this is what we have left to study.

We are growing at an exponential rate, never seen before and I am hopeful science will map the psyche to an extent ~ so we can be taught to take control of our own minds early on in life, that we promote our most basic positive human traits of love and peace and compassion and support and strength and inspiration ~ and exploit them for our own wellbeing. That we create places for learning this.

We are in an information age, huge amounts of tests and data is being collected. For the human race to expand and grow optimally, we will have to study what causes mental health issues ~ what we have to do to create a society that feeds the optimal human and creates positive feedback loops.

As a race at this time in history, we could choose how to evolve. Our societies at the moment promote greed, exploitation, self-loathing, fear, and ignorance ~ at the detriment to the human race. Most of the suffering in todays world, is humans at the hands of other humans.

I don’t know what we will see in our lifetimes but as I’m getting better and better, I no longer have depression ~ I see a lot of good going on in the world now too, my focus has changed slightly.

I see a lot of philanthropy, a lot of individuals and group organisations taking it upon themselves, not the governments, to create change in the world. That gives me hope, I can glimpse how the future could be.

The fact that you have depression, like millions and millions of people in this world, means you are in your own way, contributing to what may be a positive outcome for the human race. We are all in this together. So many people can not suffer without the world learning from it.

Whilst this may seem like a bizarre, comforting and perhaps a little controversial, thought ~ remember how many people have suffered to get the human race this far? Our pain propels us forwards for great change: irradiating diseases, the end of the slave trade, clean water, hospitals…look at the technology we can provide now for people with disabilities. Take a look at the world 100 years ago and see what pain people went through to get where we are as the human of today. Mental pain must be looked at next, it is still relatively new really.

Do you think society should catch up?


5) How much do you think you have learnt about depression?

In this day and age of information at your fingertips, it is likely you have studied the heck out of it. It is likely you, like me, have tried many things, read more articles than you’ve ever read about anything else. Without realising it, you are likely in an intense learning period of your life. You may never have before spent so much time trying to figure out ‘you’. You have an awareness about how you think and feel that most people just take for granted.

Write down everything that you’ve studied and things you’ve tried over the last couple of years, what have you found out? There was nothing I didn’t study or use as I tried to latch on to anything that sounded or felt like hope. What insights do you have about how we could help this condition?

Your experience and knowledge mean you can go on to help others. In the future, in your own way, you can ease another’s pain with this experience and knowledge. You could help to create the change you wish to see in the world. 

You can be an inspiration.

Blessings, Sarah xx

About The Author

I’m Sarah Cooper, my passions are in: Wellbeing, art, travel & emotional healing.

Through depression I experienced an’awakening’ that led me to explore spirituality, psychology and the metaphysical. I want to help other people through this painful process and eventuality open a retreat to bring people together on their healing journey.

I also create Gemstone ‘frequency’ jewellery for: The Law of Attraction, Chakra healing, Yoga, and Spiritual growth. Find out more here: www.lovebeyondthemoon.etsy.com

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