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5 Signs That Consciousness Has Expanded

On our journey towards expanding consciousness and spiritual growth, we will reach certain milestones that alert us to the fact that our consciousness has been elevated. In general, reaching higher levels of consciousness will result in greater feelings of peace, happiness and well-being.

Here are five signs that your level of consciousness has expanded.

I have found that such expansion cannot be forced and that it occurs naturally as a result of living life. Life experience itself provides the catalyst for consciousness to expand to greater and greater levels.

Once we reach a point of awareness regarding the fact that levels of consciousness actually exist, we then sit in the perfect position, poised for this natural expansion to imbue us with new perspectives and greater understanding.

The Five Signs:

1. Things that bothered you previously no longer ‘get to you’. You’ve adopted a perspective that causes you to hold a much more easy going attitude towards life in general.

Trivial annoyances have lost their power to move you from your position of balance. As you are able to see the ‘bigger picture‘ your response to all occurrences in your life have taken a back-seat to your own position of peaceful acceptance of ALL that is.

2. You find yourself in states of joy and bliss more and more frequently. You come to see that such states of being are not dependent upon anything that occurs outside of yourself or within your physical reality, but instead that they are a very result of being conscious.

“Happy for no reason,” describes someone who has reached a certain elevated level of consciousness along the journey towards spiritual growth.

3. You begin to see the connection between your thoughts, emotions and the reality that presents before you. This recognition causes you to take full responsibility for all that ensues.

Rather than causing an increase in anxiety or personal guilt, this knowing results in a feeling of personal power. You begin to see yourself as a creative and powerful being… a God in your own right.

4. You feel an expansion within the heart chakra which is manifested as increased love and good will to others. Your level of compassion increases but at the same time, you see the inherent power and creative ability within others.

You find yourself adopting more of a ‘live and let live’ attitude towards others and towards the negative situations created by others. In general, you find yourself much more tolerant towards personal differences.

Those who hold vastly opposing views and accepted and even embraced and treated with high levels of tolerance. Differences are celebrated rather than frowned upon.

5. More and more, you find yourself ‘watching’ the drama of your life from the perspective of the observer. From this inner sanctum of peace and truth, you watch without judgment as the reality of physical life unfolds before you.

You find your mind straying less and less to moments that occurred in the past or towards projections of future happenings. More and more your consciousness resides in the here and now moment before you. You come to a strong realisation and recognition that all of your power lies in the present moment…that in fact, nothing but the present moment exists.

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About The Author

Faye Schindelka is the author of a book entitled Poppies From Heaven….and Other Signs From the Hereafter, a personal story about afterlife communication.

Faye is a spiritual seeker who loves sharing ideas on metaphysics and spirituality with like-minded others.

To order Poppies From Heaven or learn more about this book, Proof of Life After Death – Book – http://www.wisdom-of-spirit.com/proof-of-life-after-death-book.html

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