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5 Simple Tips On How To Make Cleaning More Relaxing And Fun

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Did you think that housecleaning can never be relaxing and fun? It’s time to rethink. Many of us consider house chores as boring and gruesome activities which are sometimes thankless. Of course, one must have some reasons to believe this. In itself, housecleaning is a tedious but necessary task since everyone enjoys living in a clean space. It is actually beneficial to your wellbeing. For this reason, it would be helpful to adopt some tips that can make your cleaning less boring or tiring and more enjoyable. Here are 5 simple tips you can use to make cleaning more relaxing and fun.

  1. Let fresh Air in

Begin your cleaning by opening the windows s that fresh air can percolate into the house. This simple act gets rid of any pungent smells suffocating your house. Besides, there are harmful allergens in a dirty house which could be detrimental to your health. When dusting or vacuuming, allow in fresh air and minimize chances of such allergens affecting your health. Fresh air will also make you feel at ease when going on with the cleaning exercise.

  1. Invest in a Lovely Cleaning Gear

There is a way proper dressing can improve your mood. This is much better if you adorn in something you love. Having a comfortable and appealing dress wear for cleaning can help your mind switch into the right mood for the job. Keep the attire for just when you are doing a cleanup. This way, cleaning feels a lot easier and interesting.

At the same time, you could buy some colorful cleaning items. For instance, everyone is always eager to try their new items. This goes for cleaning products and materials such as dusters, squeegees, and sponges too. It is also a general feeling that new materials are likely to perform a better job with the least effort.

  1. Involve Others

We all agree that cleaning is not an easy task for many people. This makes it a good idea to embrace any form of assistance from children, spouse, or friends. You will find it easier when performed by more than one person. For once, it gets done within a short time. This leaves you less tired and inspired to try it another day. Secondly, when you have company, you keep chatting during the task and before you know it you are through with cleaning. This is what happens when you remove your focus from the activity.

Besides, when you have people helping, you can come up with a fascinating cleaning plan. Think of a scenario where you conduct your cleaning as a competition. For instance, if this is your family, you could agree to challenge one another to see the person who collects a lot of items within a set period. In this case, you all set out to collect toys, clothes, shoes or anything else lying around a specific room of the house. Once through, you move on to the next room. However, you may have to come up with a suitable reward for everyone who was involved in the activity.

  1. Add Some Form of Entertainment

Do you have some classic music you enjoy listening to? This is the perfect time to listen to it. It is beneficial that cleaning doesn’t call for your total attention. You could be scrubbing the floor while you listen to your music or audio recordings of an interesting topic. It is also possible to sip your wine or juice while you clean the dishes. Whatever makes you happy, incorporate it in housecleaning and see the task feel lighter.

  1. Consider it a Workout Session

You would be amazed to learn about the number of calories you are likely to burn during a house cleanup exercise. Besides, doesn’t it involve a lot of lifting and movement? This could be utilized like those weights and movements in the gym. If you look at it as your normal exercise routine, your focus is now on the results you want to achieve; cut weight and keep fit.

There are also other benefits of cleaning as an exercise. It can actually improve your mental health. Researchers from the University of Indiana, Department of Physical Activity observed 998 persons aged between 49 and 65 years. The study was comparing their physical activity and general cleanliness in their homes. It was observed that those with clean houses were healthy and more active. The researchers concluded that the physical fitness of the study subjects could only be related to their frequent cleaning.

When cleaning, you not only lose some pounds but also stand a better chance of feeling at ease after the exercise. Any form of physical exercise increases blood circulation throughout the body and mind, purges out toxins and will make you feel better.

Beverly Jenkins

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