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6 Simple Ways to Live A Happy And Healthy Life

Life is pretty short for you to live a miserable life. Our goal as humans is basically to make the best out of our lives. Along the way, some instances will surely make us crestfallen. Sometimes we just want to give up and end everything. What we are forgetting is “there is always wisdom in everything that’s happening around us”. There is always a silver lining after each storm that hits us. For a wise person, every situation is an opportunity to better one’s self. There are others though that would just be contented living life the simplest, yet happiest way possible.

If living simply but happy is an issue for you, here are six simple ways to live a happy and healthy life that you can start practicing now.

  1. “ Exercise” Your Smile

Smiling is something you can gift to someone at any time. It’s a magical thing that makes a sad heart glow and becomes happy again. Hence, it is very important that you always wear a smile from the time you wake up, work and go home. Start it from your family; this is always the root of every habit we carry when we’re outside our homes. Smiling has been proven to eliminate bad vibes, negative energies that call for serious sickness if you take them for granted.

Try smiling at every stressful situation. Instead of making it a stimulant to make you frown, make it a trigger to wear that sweet smile on your face.

  1. Find Ways to Manage Stress

Stress is a vital part of life. In scientific terms, it’s the driving force that often binds and connects the different forces of nature. It’s something which we have to face constantly. Alas, it is also something that most of us cannot and would not like to face. Instead of hiding from it, try finding ways to manage it instead. Having a stress ball for instance by your side all the time is already a good example. Device various ways to counter it the moment you become fired up and stressed.

Eating sweets, for instance, has been proven to relieve stress. If you’re not into this method due to your hectic schedule, then think of those things you love doing the most. Incorporate it with your daily task and start loving stress instead of hating it.

  1. Eat & Drink Healthy

One important lesson about life is that too much is always dangerous and will even kill you. With your hectic schedule, you’re probably into eating a lot of fast food since this is the most convenient way to fight a hungry tummy while trying to catch up with your schedule daily. This habit makes us very vulnerable to illnesses and in turn, may remove the happiness in our lives.

Eat and drink healthy, and you’ll surely be happy. There are also a lot of food supplements or herbal drinks that you can take to help you manage stress. Kratom tea, for example, is a very good supplement to help keep your blood pressure low, and thus avoid erupting during stressful situations.

  1. Spend Time With Nature

When life starts to get boring, chances are, we get stressed. This is the effect of engaging too much with work and the things we usually do every day. From time to time, spend time with nature. This might be new to you, but nature has a lot of good and healthy energy that can replace the bad ones you have inside your system. Nature’s good scenery is also capable of giving you a better view of how good life is, so stop wasting it with stress! Explore, immerse yourself, and let stress drawn from nature’s overflowing grace.

  1. Blow Off a Little Steam Occasionally

There is a reason why there a lot of people who love smoking. This is a literal example of blowing off some steam from your body. Smoking is a good way to relieve stress and gain composure, but it has a lot of negative sides to it. So, instead of smoking, spend time with nature, with those you love and value the most.

  1. Dump Negative Thinking

Last but not the least is simply dumping all of your negative thoughts. This is the origin of stress. That feeling of being pressured at work originates from the fact that you might not hit your goal. The stress you get in school actually originates from the thought of having a failing mark during your exams. Negative thoughts are as powerful as positive thoughts. Instead of dealing with it, start dumping them one by one. Replace it with a positive attitude, try to learn to feel anything cannot conquer you. This will make your life stress free and will surely improve your health as well.


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