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7 Myths About Homeschoolers That Deter People From Exploring The Option

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You may have heard of Logan Laplante, he is a kid who was home-schooled and through choosing that path, has learned to hack his education so that he can learn what he is interested in, and expand at his own pace outside of the confines of traditional education. The article about Logan was the most viral story we had ever published, but why?

It’s popularity was likely because it was a subject that touched us all in some way. He shares an idea of schooling many of us could only ever imagine because we never thought it was quite possible. It seemed clear through its popularity and many of the comments it received, that deep down we all know there is something seriously wrong with our current system of education. This is why so many people are working towards changing our educational paradigms.

Until a new system of education comes about, one option available is homeschooling. Personally, I never quite knew what exactly homeschooling was like because I never did it and didn’t know anyone who did. I always heard the typical things like they are all religious, have no friends and have no social life. But is this true?

As I got older I met a few people who were home-schooled. I also started to come across stories and research about homeschooling that started to make me question what I initially thought and was told about homeschooling. I realized that most of the home-schooled people I met or heard of were just as social as everyone else. In many cases they were more forward thinking and less conditioned when it came to how they thought. Of course this doesn’t mean all home-schoolers are like this nor that a traditionally educated kid can’t be like this, but it seems they turn out just as ‘developed’ or even more so.

In my own personal view, this didn’t surprise me as I found that the deeper the average person goes into education, the greater the chances that conditioning and narrow minded thinking exists. I believe this is one of the greatest downsides to our current systems of education at all levels.

I am in no way attempting to put down educated people, but I can’t help but point out the clear link between a conditioned, submissive individual who becomes another cog in the system and higher levels of education. In my view, the educational system is designed to do this precisely. It seems this view is becoming more and more popular as more people not only speak out about it but also because more people from within the system itself are exposing this as truth.

Below is a video that is comical in nature but does have an interesting message to it, and is made by someone who was home-schooled. It discusses 7 myths about homeschooling.

To re-iterate, in both avenues of education, there are inevitably going to be people who do well and who don’t. I also understand that not every parent has the ability to homeschool their child, but I do feel it’s an option well worth exploring. The main point this article intends to make is that when we dispel some myths and fears around homeschooling, it is likely we can set our children up to grow into more creative, open minded and expansive individuals.


by Joe Martino

Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com



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