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7 Signs Your Relationship Will Last

7 Signs Your Relationship Will Last

7 Signs Your Relationship Will Last

People are always warning about the danger signs in relationships but how do you know if you are doing well?

How do you know if you are on the right track? Or if you will last the distance?

Let’s talk about how to know if you are in a great relationship or headed in the right direction.

Lack of problems doesn’t mean its a perfect relationship, if that’s your view of relationships, then its an unrealistic one.

Often what is taken to show great relationship quality turns out to be faulty and false, such as how often you make love or whether you talk together a lot. These I call the “quantity error,” because you can be having a lot of fantastic sex and still feel very empty inside.

You can be talking with one another every day all day, but if it isn’t really satisfying, it’s not an indicator of a great relationship.

Here are Seven Signs your Relationship Will Last

1. You Have Time for Each Other

Let’s face it—we barely have time for ourselves, let alone time for other people. The last thing that some people can manage along with their busy schedules is casual dating let alone a relationship. Do you make time for each other?

2. You’re Are Very Mentally Compatible

If you are mentally compatible, then you may find that the relationship will have a better chance of survival. A partner that stimulates you mentally will be sure to last longer than a one that doesn’t.

3. You’re Sexually Compatible.

If he likes one thing and you like another, you may be less likely to last the distance in the relationship. Sexual compatibility is a must. On the other hand great sex and not much else in the relationship is not good either.

4. You’re Good Friends.

If you already know quite a bit about one another and have known each other for quite a while, there is a much bigger chance that you will last. This is especially true if you have already talked to one another about what you expect from a relationship before you both actually got together.

5. You Are Going in the Same Direction

You both want similar things from one another and you both want the relationship to go in the same direction. This is something that is important in any relationship. If either of you are at a different stage/have different goals, it may be quite a bit harder to stay in the relationship.

Do you know what your partner’s life plans are or what they want to do in life? If you have a common interest in your life plans and goals, then there is a higher chance that your relationship will last. Its important that you are both headed in the right direction. Having said that, its important to have your own individual interests too.

6. You’re Supported by Your Family and Friends—On Both Sides!

If you have family and friends who are supporting you and willing to give you advice about what you should both do, it can be a bit more helpful than if you are both dealing with some things you’ve never experienced with just each other. Ask them for advice and see if it helps—it may help you to both see just how compatible you are and what potential your relationship could have

7. You Love Each Other

If you’re both in love with one another, this is the biggest indication that you’ll last. Let’s face it—true love is a rare thing and not everyone finds it. But if you do, there’s a good chance that you’ll do whatever you can in order to stay in the relationship anyways.

Keep in mind that love isn’t always the miracle solution and that loving someone won’t make your problems go away, nor their flaws. However, it will make them more bearable.

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