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7 ways to be more happy, healthy, and helpful

Niyc Pidgeon|

Why is being happy, healthy, and helpful so important?

We sometimes forget that we can choose to be happy, fall off the bandwagon of health, and get wrapped up in our own to-dos that we forget to help others with theirs.

But why is it so important to make time for these three things?

I’ve been thinking about this and connecting in deeply with my purpose and my why.  I believe that life presents us with an opportunity to grow. We have the power to create anything that we desire, and that is a beautiful thing.

Why then are so many people stuck and suffering?

Why don’t more people choose to be happy and healthy and helpful?

Possibly because they don’t yet realise the amazing abundance that is available when these things are taken care of. I fully believe that we are given these amazing bodies and minds to see what we can do with them. Anything is possible and it is only ourselves that imposes limitations on how far we can go.  We have been given the gift of awareness and free will, so that we can choose how we want to live.

Happiness, health, and helping may seem to be diverse, though are strongly connected and interlinked.

If you are healthy, you are more likely to be happy.

For example, what we eat has a direct impact on how we feel, and eating 7 servings of vegetables leads to better mood in the days to follow. Also, being physically active is known to boost your wellbeing, and help you to flourish in life.

In fact, not exercising is said to be the equivalent to taking depressants. If you are helpful, you are also more likely to be happy, with kindness being known to be a powerful tool in not only helping others feel good, but helping you to feel good too.

I recommend these 7 ways to be more happy, healthy and helpful today 🙂

  1. Choose to focus on the good things around you. Take a look at your life through new eyes, and notice all of the amazing things you can see. Be in wonder and awe at nature and the beautiful world we live in.
  1. Be grateful. Appreciate everything that you are, do, and have. You will feel your wellbeing soar.
  1. Get your body moving. Even if this just means taking a walk, get going!
  1. Choose one healthy nutrition habit to commit to for the next week, and see the progress that you can make. This might mean going sugar free, or it might mean choosing a really healthy vegan breakfast each day to start it in the right way.
  1. Commit to one day of no complaining! This is a favourite of mine and you will see huge shifts in your happiness!
  1. Do a random act of kindness for someone for which you expect nothing in return. Get creative with this one! I heard a story recently of a lady that owns a flower shop in New Zealand who makes up a bunch of flowers each week and leaves them in a different place for someone to find. I think this is amazing!
  1. Ask somebody what you can help with. More often than not, people will not ask for help when they need it. By starting the conversation you can be there and show that you care.

I believe we can discover our purpose through building a happy and healthy life.

I believe that we are here to see how happy and healthy we can be.

To see how powerfully we can connect with others, to help each other, and create something that is bigger than ourselves.

So much is possible when you take care of these three things. The world is your oyster and being happy, healthy and helpful is going to make your experience of it a whole lot better.

Have a wonderful, inspired day!

With Gratitude,

Niyc Pidgeon




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