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7 ways to heal the Heart Chakra

Sarah Cooper |

How do you know if your Heart Chakra is blocked?
The Heart Chakra is the green energy centre in the middle of your chest.

In Sanskrit it is called Anahata – and its translation is ‘unstuck, unbroken and unbeaten’.
If your Heart Chakra is blocked you may likely feel the heaviness in your chest. Like you are carrying a weight.

The Heart Chakra becomes blocked mostly through grief, loss, betrayal and hate.
Commonly at the end of a painful relationship or the loss of a loved one. Where at the time it literally felt like our hearts were breaking.

This is a traumatic experience yet we are all likely to feel this at various points in our lives.

It can also become blocked through anger, resentment & envy – as well as tuning out of or turning away from our emotions – because they were too painful to deal with.

Here are just a few ways to help heal the Heart Chakra:

1) Meditation

MeditationEspecially mindfulness meditation, helps to open, heal and balance the Heart Chakra because it teaches us ‘Acceptance’.

We can finally accept what is, without needing it to be different.
Even when very painful, if we can accept it, even for a few moments at a time, we can start to heal in a healthier way than just trying to force ourselves to ‘move on’ or ‘get over it’.

Grief – the end of – or loss of and mourning of something, or someone, is a process. It can’t be rushed but must be fully felt to be able to move through something. It isn’t easy but denying the pain can feel much worse.

If you can sit with the pain, without the head chatter, in meditation – after a while comes the relief of acceptance – and the knowing that you can endure it without being afraid of it.

Where as running from the pain is traumatic, because it resurfaces over and over again trying to reintegrate.

It isn’t an easy process at all but an entire journey. In our society we often do not allow ourselves to mourn properly, fearing it will consume us or is seen as wallowing.

Mindfulness is now being taught in many schools and we may see many changes in emotional intelligence in our future generations because of it.

Repressed emotions are exactly that: repressed – they don’t go away, they resurface again and again until they can intergrate – without proper emotional education, many of us are left feeling at the mercy of and out of control of our own emotions – and so our lives.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

2) Slowly

At your own pace – open your heart again to trust. We don’t have to unguardedly trust everyone and everything, not at all – it is a process of just opening up little by little – and using our intuition moment by moment.

Ask for the right people to be sent to you if you need help overcoming the fear of trust again.

If you’ve been betrayed or suffered a loss, the people who can come into your life to help heal and learn to trust again don’t have to be of a similar relationship – it could be a colleague, business partner, friend, romantic partner or family member that is the next step in trust.

3) Practice forgiveness in meditation for just 5 mins a day.

ForgiveForgiveness is a powerful emotion and high up the energetic scale, higher up than acceptance – so try to reach acceptance first if you are having trouble with getting near the feeling of forgiveness.

It really is true that you are forgiving for YOU, it is you that will feel the huge benefits – but it takes practice, repetition, if you work at it daily it will happen, just give it time.

You can practice saying ‘I forgive you. And I hope you forgive me too’ in meditation. Don’t overthink it – and strike the word ‘deserve’ from the procedure, you are doing it for you, not them, and the peace you will feel will be worth it all.

As with acceptance, don’t rush it. Be patient and gentle with yourself.

4) Connection.


Whatever helps you feel ‘connected’ is hugely healing for your Heart Chakra.

Whether this is with animals, children, nature, family friends, certain classes you attend or online support groups.  Even what you are passionate about – for example, art – can help us to feel connected in our love for something.


5) Yoga.

Yoga connects the mind, body & soul in one of the most profound, easiest and best loved ways.

Yoga in itself is healing and a meditative, mindful practice that can bring you in tune with your body, integrating emotions, in an enjoyable way! Many people ‘find’ yoga during painful episodes in their life and become yoga junkies because of the transformative experience.

Yoga is not really all about the Asanas (poses) so don’t worry about flexibility so much, it is much more about the mind-body connection and breathing, if you find a good teacher they will explain not to worry about perfect technique!

6) Practice self-love.

 To open up and heal the Heart Chakra – show yourself a lot of love and care. A lot of attention, pampering, give yourself ‘your’ time. Show yourself you are worth it.  What things do you enjoy? What makes you feel good?

Eating nourishing healthy food is self-love, taking a walk is self-love, having enough rest and relaxation is self-love, saying no to people and learning to not feel guilty about it – is self-love.

Valuing your time, your opinion, your body and your mind – is self-love. It is an incredibly rewarding relationship and the only one you have complete control over!
You can determine your level of happiness at all times in this relationship!

7) Crystal therapy and Reiki.

Place tumblestones on or near the Heart Chakra, carry them with you – or wear in jewellery. Crystals carry high, positive vibrations – frequencies that we can entrain with.
Since ancient times certain Crystals have been said to carry specific vibrations which match a balanced and activated Heart Chakra.

Mostly Green and sometimes pink, a few Crystals I use are:

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Rose Quartz

Reiki is an ancient art practiced by many energy workers healers throughout the world.

Many Reiki healers can also send distant healing – there are even groups on Facebook where they offer this service for free, there are beautiful souls out there dedicated to raising the collective vibration and consciousness of humanity.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t think energy healers should be paid – because I absolutely do – they are providing time and a service that is important – and we live at this moment in a monetary society, where we have decided that (for now) we will exchange time or services, for money.

But if for any reason you are low on funds and in pain, I just wanted to let you know there are other options if you need them.Guided Reiki Meditation with Grandmaster Teacher Mohan

There are people out there who want to help.

So you can also find an energy healer to work with you, perhaps a local holistic clinic, recommendation or even at a ‘mind, body, soul’ event – but you can also use this universal energy to heal yourself or ask a friend/someone you trust.

You can practice imagining the Crown Chakra opening and a stream of silver or white light entering through your head, moving down to the palms of your hands.

Then direct the universal/source energy over your heart centre and say that you allow this energy to flow through and into you, to heal, for your highest good.

You may feel some tingling or change of temperature in your hands – or nothing at all – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t working, just give it time.

You might even find you have a skill – and find a new interest you can pursue in energy healing practices.

There are a few other techniques such as sound therapy, binaural beats, singing bowls, drumming…practising compassion, volunteering, gardening…but I just wanted to share a few major healing practices that have worked for me.

Much love everyone and I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have anything to add please do!



About The Author

I’m Sarah Cooper, my passions are in: Wellbeing, art, travel & emotional healing.

Through depression I experienced an’awakening’ that led me to explore spirituality, psychology and the metaphysical. I want to help other people through this painful process and eventuality open a retreat to bring people together on their healing journey.

I also create Gemstone ‘frequency’ jewellery for: The Law of Attraction, Chakra healing, Yoga, and Spiritual growth. Find out more here: www.lovebeyondthemoon.etsy.com

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