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speaking-from-the-heartAs you know I’m all about the heart. I love public speaking from the heart. It’s completely transformed my style and experience, and I’m curious to share this with other speakers. I wonder if they’ll get it? Be interested in hearing more? And if they ever speak from the heart.



Mother’s Meeting

I found an event last month, and jumped at the chance to go. It was a Mother’s Meeting. An event facilitated by the very yummy mummies aka The World’s Coolest Mums. I wanted to meet the mummies, discuss speaking from the heart, and get some practical tips (to share with you) at the same time.

I chatted to the mummies about speaking and living from the heart. They were super interested and wanted to know more, and I look forward to doing more with them.

Delivering the goods was Simon Bucknall; Twice UK & Ireland Champion of Public Speaking. A force to be reckoned with. I grabbed a brief tea and chat with him before he started. We talked about speaking from the heart and the different style of presenting that offers. He was super interested and listened intently when I spoke from the heart about speaking from the heart! Did he speak from the heart? I’m not entirely sure, but he totally got it. He knew it meant talking from authenticity, genuine feelings and emotion. Go Simon! I was pleased. More discussion to be had for sure. I might join his speaking group…!

Simon’s style was to tailor the talk to us and our immediate needs, making it super relevant.


Food for thought

Some brilliant stuff to share, but first a few things I’ve learned along the way:

1) Speak from the heart. The main thing is to speak from the heart…always. The heart offers more intuition and common sense intelligence. It will change the way you deliver your talk, and how the audience receives you. You are fully present, calm and and centred, and your words will naturally flow. You are sharing your ‘feelings’ with the audience.

2) Own the room. Arrive early enough to get access to the venue, walk into the room and spend time walking around it and getting comfortable with the environment. Intend to hold the space. This is your space, your talk, the audience have come to hear you speak.

3) Accept yourself and your vulnerability – it’ll heighten if you reject and criticise yourself. Anyway, the audience won’t be able to tell how you’re feeling inside.

4) Inject some humour. Humour is a great way to relax you, and the audience. Especially humour from the heart!

And here are a 3 jewels from Simon:

5) Point – Evidence – Point (PEP). Whenever you make a key point, apply this simple formula.
a) Make the point
b) Back it up with your story, your own experience to add authenticity and relevance (evidence)
c) Make the same point again

6) Never finish with a Q & A – you’ll be left hostage to the last question.

7) Always have the last word. Allow enough time to summarise key points at the end.

Want to know more about speaking from the heart? Email info@jodyshield.co.uk

Love and light

Jody xx

Jody’s Next Event – 6th Sept – London

Gathering of Minds 1 Year Anniversary Super Event



Imagine waking up, super-excited about the day ahead, with no worries about anything. A life where you lead with love and observe everything fall into place. Relationships of unconditional love and endless support. Running your dream business from the heart, and getting paid! This is my life, and this could also be yours. I’ll tell you my story, my journey with Light Grids: an incredible new means of physical and spiritual clearing, a new approach to life, and how to live your best life yet.


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About Jody…

Jody Shield – Highly Intuitive Spiritual Practitioner, mastering the Energy Healing Techniques of EFT, Reiki and Light Grids Practitioner – Trained in the Light Grid Healing Technique™ Via Damien Wynne (Founder of Light Grid Healing Technique)

Jody Shield is quickly becoming a name reverently whispered amongst London’s corporate high fliers, musicians, artists and creative types. Having left a career in advertising, Jody has carved out a new path as a highly intuitive practitioner setting about to solve all our modern woes – one stressed-out, lost and pained Londoner at a time.

Guided by a powerful intuition, Jody likes to keep things simple. Using transformational healing techniques, practical life-changing coaching and psychological insight has earned her an army of fans.She can tap into the deep-seated and often deeply hidden issues and pains of our past, both physical and emotional, without the need for digging up uncomfortable memories we’d rather forget. Instead, Jody uses guided meditation and intuitive healing during her sessions to bring our emotional obstacles to the surface and then work through them to a happier, stronger, and more loving path.



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