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8 Easy Ways To Make Today A Good Day

Nira Lall |

One question I’m constantly asked is “Nira, you’re a Life Coach, how I can be happier?”

Over the years, I’ve worked to help many eager people find great success by seeing the greatness in their daily lives. My modality is consistently  based around seeing where someone is in their life in that exact moment, and then helping them to realize how much greatness they can extract from this very place. This I feel is an essential foundation for success for anyone. Having a good day doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are some easy step to make this day awesome RIGHT NOW!

1) Set an intention for your day.

You can do this at any point in your day. Really feel in alignment with the intention while you are setting it to activate its potential. Here are a couple sample intentions (always make an intention that feels good to you and meets your needs): “Life loves me and it responds to me in loving ways” or “Money is everywhere and it flows to me easily.”

2) Only focus on what is right with your life.

3) Avoid complaining.

This is number two in different words. It’s so important that I needed to include it here twice. Committing to this one step can literally transform your life.

4) Give love openly to those around you.

Love can be expressed through a hug, kiss, smile, doing a good deed. The objective is to ensure that your action originates from a  loving intention.

5) Be open to receiving love!

Many of us struggle with this one. Accept compliments with a simple heartfelt thank you. Accept affection, help, and any other form that loves comes to you in.

6) Be passionate about everything that you do.

Get excited while walking the dog, chatting with friends and family, and even cleaning! Bring enormous passion into your life and passion will find you in a BIG way.

7) Do a random act of kindness.

Really feel the personal satisfaction of doing something wonderful for someone without an expectation of return, it’s truly a beautiful feeling.

8) Do a 5 minute love mediation.

Focus only on imagining your entire body being bathed in universal love. Become one with this unconditional love for a minimum of 5 minutes. Get comfortable, set your timer, and you’re good to go!

I hope that was quick and helpful in some way. Wishing you a very GOOD DAY!

Nira Lall

About the author:

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Nira Lall is an an integrative Life Coach specializing in turning emotional pain and struggle into personal freedom and fulfillment.  She covers topics ranging from relationships, career and money, health, and most importantly self-trust. Join Nira as she turns life’s ups and downs into soul lessons in her free eBook: 20 Tools for Less Stress – An Everyday Guide for More Inner Peace. (Link to eBook download: http://www.niralall.com/ebook-20-tools-for-less-stress.html).



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