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9 Ways to Bounce Back When Your World is Falling Apart

There are times in life that situations shake you to your core. Your world has changed so much that you don’t recognize it or yourself any more. Doubts start to creep in that you’re never going to recover.

Your mind just goes blank and you can’t see how to find your way back to happiness.

Here are 9 Ways To Bounce back When Your world is falling apart.

Welcome your new self

You really can’t go back to who you were before your tragedy happened. You are different now because of the trauma.I was different and you will be, too, as you heal from your trauma. And different isn’t always bad.

Don’t pressure yourself 

Release the pressure by talking to others who have been through the same experience. Or read books by people who have.There are no rules, no perfect timing about when you are supposed to be healed from your trauma.

It happens when it happens and it’s usually an ongoing process.

Start making a list of the good things you still have in your life

This is the key. After all, isn’t that the power of gratitude?  Carry this list with you wherever you go. Keep it on your desk at work, and whenever you feel a bit ‘wobbly’ you can read the list, and even add some more.

Get back to routine 

You cannot change what has happened. Being in a routine helps pass the time, because time goes by very slowly…and you must have a routine to pass the time.   

 Surround yourself with support 

In other words, children, family, in laws, neighbors, colleagues, friends who can be there with you 24/7 when the shock of the situation comes flooding back.     

Open discussion about what has happened with your children

No, they are not too young and will respect you for being open with them and then in turn being open about their feelings. No sugar coating.  Open dialogue.       

Have a good therapist one who specializes in this area

Talking to a psychiatrist trained in this area helps you to understand and come to terms with it.   

 Time  :- Although the memory never fades, time does lessen its effect as long as you do the work.     

Let go fully and completely

This means letting go of any guilt, resentment, or anger—much easier said than done. The tendency is for you to feel as though you contributed to the person’s death or that you could have done more to prevent it. But it happened and there is no going back.

You may feel extreme anger or resentment. Yet, again, there is no going back. Unless you are to die along with the person, your only option is to stop replaying the past, let go, and move on.     

By Navjot Khalsa

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