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Why Not Now? Stop Putting Off The Thing That Can Bring You Peace

by Rita Romine-Black | “Why not now?” is about living in the moment. RIGHT NOW! I found myself dreaming of Italy and what it would be like to go there. I thought, when I go I will eat every seductive dish laid before me guiltlessly. Enjoying each bite and mystery wrapped in untried delicacies. And, do it without guilt, concern over ...

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Have You Fallen Off Course? These Simple Steps May Help Get You Back En route!

by Rita Romine-Black | We all have those moments in our lives when things begin to veer off track. Intentional or not, whatever has transpired has caused your world to hit dead-end roads, u-turns, wrong way signs and sadly ‘Siri’ isn’t conveniently there to guide you out of your morass; can there be course correction? And if so, how do you ...

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