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A Gentle Prayer

Kaysen Asante |

Prayers can be long or short, it does not matter. What matters about a prayer is that you set a good intention . In essence you are sending out positive vibes into the universe and asking the universe to respond. Prayer is just not for religious people, but a gift for everyone. Do not judge prayer. Use it to your advantage and send the world good vibes….. it needs it!!

Here is my prayer for all that is.

A gentle prayer for all that is. Thank you Pacha Mama, Mother Earth, The Universe, Nature and the creator.

Thank you for providing all with beauty, light, love, nourishment, support and joy for eternity.

Mindful of the fruitfulness of life, that provides us with our community, our nurturing environment and  sustainability.

Mindful of the fruitfulness of life that is within all of us, created in every moment of our life.

Every moment a reflection of perfect imperfection.

I am  free in thought, I am free in feeling, I am  at peace, I go with the flow.

Allow the truth of what lays within to pour out.

Allow the truth of what lays within to liberate others

Allow presence to be the gift

I am free from judgement, I am grateful for everything I have had, I have and I will have in my life.

I love myself because all that exists loves me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you.

“Gratitude is a great attitude”  (Bashar, 2015)
“Pray is thought within mind putting all out there into the universe. Be mindful of your thoughts and what you attract”

Kaysen Asante

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