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A Guided Poetic Meditation to Connect You to the Source of your Cells

A beautiful and inspirational poem byGrace Gabriella Puska..

Close your eyes, absorb the words and enjoy!

Words are like blueprints; they carry the energy of the area of awareness or experience being expressed. Source itself is timeless, infinite, formless, yet needs to express itself through form- the paradox of being!

When we ‘tune in’ and connect with our higher self- our super-consciousness, we realize that we are essentially formless, nothing, yet we are All That Is; the center of our own universe.

We receive and project energetic frequencies that shape and create our reality, therefore we must be conscious of the thought forms we are projecting- they are powerful! This poetic message was expressed just after the 2012 Grand Cycle when Grace felt most in tune with Source and her inner being.

She shares this with you with the intent to bring a deeper understanding of our connection, how to step into our own power, and most importantly; to share the message that unconditional love for one another and our beautiful planet is the only real thing we are capable of perceiving as everything else is just an illusion.

Love is the strongest vibration.

About The Author

Author, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal and Shamanic healer, Herbalist, Writer, Poet, Lover of Life

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