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A Message To A Soon-To-Be Born Child Reveals A Lifetime’s Worth Of Lessons In 3 Minutes

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What follows is a spoken word message to newly arriving souls. A message crafted for soon to be mothers and fathers waiting to gain the wisdom to pass down to generations of their children and grandchildren.

The footnotes to the instruction manual we never received upon birth into this body. It is now shared though one person’s eyes in an attempt to impart the important life lessons to all unborn children waiting patiently to get started in this world. Within each child there lies a hope of better days than we have now or have experienced in the past. A hope for these children to create a new high water mark of expanded consciousness, service to others, and true empathy towards all life. A worthy goal that we currently are striving for but have yet to fully step into this generation.

Yet, as we know, the change starts with the individual and the internal journey, the difficult lessons, and the expanded awareness of life. There are no shortcuts. Everyone has a calling that can be muted if allowed to fall prey to outside influences that distract, distort, and funnel their creative energy away. At risk is a lifetime spent not fully stepping into your passion, your truth, and your life’s mission.

My hope in adding this piece is to give the new generation the lecture and cheat sheet that has taken me half of my life to amass. Through trial and error, victories and mistakes, I have learned these truths and lessons. Through heartbreak, loss, and deep pain I have taken them from the darkness of my soul to share them in the light. For those like myself who have missed out on having this conversation with their father in times of need, this is for you.

by Jefferey Jaxen

Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com



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