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A part of the female Spiritual Warrior

By Kaysen Asante |

A spiritual warrior is someone who has found their inner spirit and truth, understanding that one must be balanced and attuned all the time. One who challenges and combats the enemy. Using will-power, intention and discipline to find inner peace and bliss

This blog just highlights a personal journey of balancing the feminine energy, where I explore solutions, affirmations and perspective to create balance in my life. Hope to shed some light to you too!

Balancing the feminine and masculine energies: the need to share and counsel

From embarking to the Amazon Jungle and drinking Mother Ayahuasca I have looked within and experienced unconditional love and suffering to their extremes.

Months after this adventure I find myself on the warrior path trapped in balancing my feminine and masculine energies. This has and continues to be one of my hardest journeys. Balancing the feminine energy of need to have counsel.

As a women I find I have the need to talk to those close to me, mostly women about my life. I feel I need to share my experiences, my emotional side, get advice, feel reassured and feel listened to.

I feel that I am a person who needs to share stories and ‘get things off my chest’ either as they arise or within the day.

Males tend to direct this emotional energy into something different or just don’t have the desired need to counsel all the time. They keep it in and deal with it themselves.

Many people reading this may be able to emphasis. This does not only apply to women, but to people who feel they have an unbalance with their male and females energies. We all experience our path in different ways. I feel it is nice to share my story to inspire or help shed some light.

I have noticed that by being a spiritual warrior you are usually the strength for those around you. Which means you do not get a lot of support yourself. The need to share your experiences with people who will genuinely understand and care, can be hard to find. A spiritual warriors work is usually 24/7 if it’s not in the physical, the path is still unfolding in mind and consciousness. Many people are unable to be your strength and support.

After an experience there is always a need to process in order to understand the bigger picture. Whilst processing it requires solidarity without interference. Staying in mind questioning why, this has happened, reflecting, evaluating and concluding on aspects. Trying to achieve all this without allowing others to be affected by your absence to process.

Just like children, they ask ‘why’ all of the time, sometimes as adults we lose touch with our enquiring mind and don’t seek to understand further.

I question;

‘is the bigger picture necessary to understand in depth for a purpose? Or are we meant to go with the flow of life by having full trust in everything, as it is all meant to be, every moment is perfect?’

It is clear that on this path deeper understanding and self counsel is needed. If an opportunity arises to share, then share, but don’t force or push for this to happen. If you need to release then do it without dependency. Trust in the process whatever this may be.

Create your reality so it serves you in exactly what you want.

My personal solutions

I personally will explore my creativity to be my counsel. In writing, drawing and painting. To own my unique ability to manage the self, have self counsel, self support and self disclosure. I feel this will remove the dependency from people to creativity to, allow for more self expression in a more productive way to help to rebalance my feminine and masculine energy.

Lessons Learnt along the journey

As part of the warrior path you have to be prepared to stand alone.

Have to be strong enough to not feel the need to share all of the time.

To experience and let it go. To experience and let it go. However, magical, beautiful and unconditional these experiences are and transformational, it doesn’t need to be said or shared.

In the present moment we have an experience and share the journey with whom is involved. The more time spent in mind reliving the past and sharing a story we are missing the real gift of being in the present moment.

Sharing is great for purposes, to inspire, educate and live in joy.

Learn the lessons absorbed.

Learn to be strong.

Learn to not be dependent on anyone to full fill any aspect of the self.

A spiritual warrior mostly functions on a metaphysical, spiritual and telepathic frequency which requires a whole person to be balanced. Once balanced Zen, ultimate peace and sync with the universal law and freedom in experience can be achieved.

A Positive Affirmation

I am my own everything.

I am both feminine and masculine.

I am strong.

I embrace and at peace.

I let go of what no longer serves me.

I am love.

The present is a gift in which I need to honour, respect and be truthful.

The universe is always listening and supporting you in every aspect so pull on the strings that you need at the right time to fill that empty space.

A spiritual warrior stands alone in a collective of wholesome strength, who is able to look within to be at peace from within in any given situation!!!!

Together Live in Joy, Love, Happiness, Understanding and Respect!!

By Kaysen Asante







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