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About GOM

Gathering of Minds is a movement in London which supports the Global shift in consciousness.  This can be a difficult time for people that have just started their spiritual journey. So whether you want meet likeminded people, or gain more knowledge to help you on your path, then Gathering of Minds is for you.

Each month we arrange an event in London to bring three expert speakers to deliver interesting talks to a growing crowd of followers.

We delve into some really interesting topics at our Monthly talks, such as Plant Medicines, Consciousness, Law of Attraction, Lucid Dreaming, Positive Psychology and the Emotions, Raw Food Demo’s & talks, Bio-nutrition, talks on Vitamins & Minerals and Ultimate Health and Natural Healing stories and so much more!

chris paradoxSome of the speakers have completely healed themselves of ‘incurable’ dis-eases including the Founder Jess Lewis, who cured herself of Arthritis after hearing a talk at Gathering of Minds from Clive De Carle who had done the same!

Most of our speakers may have faced their share of difficulties in life, but despite that and seemingly against all odds, they have turned it all around and created happy and healthy lives.

Through the speakers talks and information, we learn how powerful we truly are. Sometimes all we need is a bit of motivation and encouragement in the right direction.

Our Vision

The vision of Gathering of Minds is to bring likeminded people together and raise collective consciousness. We want people to meet others on the path and gain knowledge and information that will help them grow.

Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you at one of our events soon 🙂


Jess and everyone at Gathering of Minds 

You can view our Latest Events Here


“I wanted to share with you that the initial GOM was a catalyst for some quite drastic changes in my life. And I feel as though I am truly on the right path. I am back in touch with my soul. I am learning to trust myself and indeed the infinite power of the universe.” Daniel Bacon
“GOM lifted my spirit when I needed a little boost. Coming along to a few gatherings made me realise that there’s actually so many good people on a spiritual journey” Bex Aldridge
“I attended an event with friends and I was amazed at how I felt after. GOM has had a huge impact on my life, the way I look at things and how I do things. I am always telling people about how amazing the talks are so people can experience what I have” Sian Kelly



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