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Advanced Initiation in the Shipibo Tradition

Zohar Bahir |

Just before Christmas of 2013, I was diagnosed with an incurable disease. As soon as I was out of hospital I begun searching for alternative means of healing.

For many years I have dreamt of going into The Amazon for a few months to live in the company of Peruvian Shipibo shamans and learn directly from them.

In a roundabout way the universe has enabled this to happen and I soon found myself making the journey to Iquitos and from there into the jungle.

The camp was an hour trek from the last road out of Iquitos and in my poor state of health took a lot longer.

During my time with Don Enrique I have had intense experiences almost daily. It was a deep journey into myself, my life, my world and through the lens which Queen Aya offers, an exponential awareness into what I can only describe as The Multidimensionality.


Working with Don Enrique I have learnt about the ancient knowledge of the curanderos (the healers, shamans of The Amazon). The tradition of the jungle recognises and is founded on the wisdom that all life is a Dream we are Dreaming and that we are but spirits experiencing this Dream. We, as spirits are connected to all other spirits in the universe and this connection affords us the opportunity of creating a working loving relationships with the healers of the many realms.

We can delve into other dimensions and expand our awareness beyond all of our present boundaries in order to bring back a state of loving harmony with all of nature and as a result, a powerful deep healing for ourselves, for those we love and for our world.

More and more we are witnessing ailments, illnesses and disease to which medical science has no cure. At best, it is just that, a cure, an alleviation of the symptoms. For Healing to occur a new and different paradigm must be present. A world view which encompasses the person as a whole and offers the possibility of change on all levels, out of which true healing can emerge. When this happens there is no recurrence of the disease nor will it manifest as another ailment.

The curanderosʼ healing takes for granted that a person is a being existing on many levels and that therefore any illness is a manifestation of a disharmony at any of the many energy fields as well as the physical body. Together with the spirit plants, healing is targeted and is focused on the disharmonious location wherever it may be and the plants work to then immerse the person in healing vibrations so that the whole being is suffused by this loving healing energy.

What is a Higher Consciousness and How Can You Attain It?

The driving force, the engine for all of curandero healing to occur is the power of THE ICAROS. The icaros are the Healing Songs of The Amazon. The curandero calls upon the plant spirits to merge with him/her and the plant spirits work with the curandero through the icaro being sung. For many thousands of years these healing songs were sung throughout The Amazon and their power is legendary.

The basis of curanderismo (jungle shamanism) is a foundation of spirit love which includes primarily the Plant Doctors who are the plant spirits renowned for their healing power and the spirits of the beings of the universe who are focused on healing.

The wisdom of plant spirit medicine in its many forms has been practiced for many thousands of years and has been gathering momentum in recent years spreading throughout the world. The curanderos know that this process is necessary at this present time in order to stop the ongoing destruction of the planet. The wisdom of the Shipibo shamans is here offering us another avenue to renew our lost connection to nature, to Goddess Gaia, to all living beings be they plants, other people, animals. Curanderismo reconnects us to ourselves, our ancestors and the angelic beings, to our galactic family, to the spirits of planets, distant suns, galaxies. It connects us to the cosmos, to God.

Through the special dieta and working with the most sacred tree to the Shipibo, I have forged powerful alliances with the plant spirits who played a major role in my healing.

At some point during my stay I have received THE DON, a power transfer from the shaman to his disciple. It was the most powerful experience of my life.

Forty-four ceremonies, numerous plant baths, smoke baths and plant purges later, I emerged out of the jungle a changed person.

My talk at Gathering of Minds 12th September will centre on the nature of Plant Spirit Healing and the enormous transformation nature can initiate within us. I will also sing Shipibo Icaros with the intention of offering healing for all those present.

Gathering of Minds – 14th November 2015 London

The Role of Plant Medicine & Sexuality – The Next 7 Generations – Jay Diamond

Jay Diamond press pic 1Can sex change the World?

In this talk, Jay Diamond weaves a candid & interesting conversation on how Plant medicines can have a profound affect in raising the vibration of our planet – by the healing of our hearts, relationships, sexual interactions & ultimately the conditioning we pass on to our children.

She will tell you how these sacred medicines heal & elevate across generations, past lives & spiritual dimensions as a profound elixir for radically improving your relationships; deep dna patterns; soul healing and, well… improving your sex life.

With distrust, anger, fear, shame & uncertainty all too common in our relationships.


  • Gain insight on how past generations could be affecting your relationships
  • Hear how your healing can affect future generations
  • Learn directly how the effects of trauma can be healed
  • Understand how you can raise the energetic vibration of our planet




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