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After the ‘Supermoon’ on Saturday 29th August 2016..The Effects..

Sarah Cooper |

Now what? The effects.

Manifesting . Working with the cycles . Clarity

The moon cycles can be used for manifesting in these ways.

1) When the New Moon (basically ‘no moon’ in the sky) is here – this is the time for casting intentions. What we want to happen, putting our dreams out into the world and releasing them.


2) Then there is approximately 2 weeks of ‘lining up’ as we approach the Full Moon. In this period of time we are learning to drop resistance and come into alignment with our highest good and our desires. This is when we look out for ‘inspired action’ and ‘synchronicities’. Talk to the people you need to, take some steps in the direction of your desires.


3) The Full Moon is here. This is party time. Many full moon parties go on around the world as it is a time of high energy and an opportunity to step into alignment quickly with the energy of the Full Moon. Super moons especially are particularly charged – and we can tap into that energy to bring forth our desires into rapid manifestation.

We just had our ‘Super Full Moon’ on Saturday 29th August.


4) After the full moon, is approximately 2 weeks of contrast and clarity as we come round to completing the cycle again – so that by the time the ‘New Moon’ is here – we have learnt what our new desires are – so we can set them as intentions by the New Moon.

It is this period of time I want to talk about – because this time is now, or coming up shortly, after the Full Moon we can feel especially charged and chaotic – and sometimes in a state of confusion whilst we gain clarity for our new intentions.

There can also be a dip after the ‘high’ of the Full Moon – and we can feel especially emotional – things come to the surface and may be distressing mentally because in order to find clarity of our desires, we may have to experience contrast, the opposite of what we want.

So if you feel out of sorts after the Full Moon don’t worry. If we start to feel emotional and negative, it isn’t that we’ve lost our way or things aren’t going our way. We’re not off track. It is just that chaos mentally and emotionally, will give rise to what we really want in life.

Here are a few things that may help:

1) Just remember that nothing needs to be ‘fixed’ immediately. The trick is not to get wrapped up in major decisions or play into ‘all or nothing’ way of thinking.

Practicing mindfulness for 2 weeks will be hugely beneficial. Tell yourself that you can have 2 weeks to just be the ‘observer’ of your thoughts, feelings, actions, experiences and relationships.

2) If your mind feels like it is trying to get you to make major decisions, right now, from disagreements or if you feel like you’re really unhappy with something.

You can literally just say thank you but you’re going to ‘benchmark’ that issue until the New Moon is here – make a note on paper if you wish but allow yourself to revisit this issue on a particular date – the New Moon, when you are feeling calmer, less emotional – and when you should have more clarity.

That this is a learning period. At the end of the 2 weeks, if you wish – you can sit down with a piece of paper and write down ‘what have I learnt over the last 2 weeks’

3) On the New Moon – and the next New Moon is Saturday 12th September – do whatever you need to help you relax. Take a bath with essential oils, meditate, get a massage, arrange some time for yourself – or with supportive people. And then revisit some of the issues on your list, from a calmer place – and see what they are telling you about your life.


Do you want more peace, less stress, more time for yourself, stronger relationships, a more rewarding job….better finances or more in order, a holiday, freedom or more control over your time?

What is it the last 2 weeks have shown you?

Then write down your desires and release them into the world.

In this way, we can let ourselves off making decisions in panic mode in the 2 weeks of time between the Full Moon and the New Moon.

Desires often come from experiencing contrast and often life is full of dramas, disagreements and times when it feels like everything is going wrong. We can feel ill – physically, emotionally and mentally.

We don’t have to make immediate life changing decisions because we feel stressed in that moment.

4) Let yourself off the hook, accept the chaos and imperfection of life, accept whatever emotions come up and don’t try to shun them.

Be mindful and practise patience. Practise waking meditation, to be the observer and to be present, whatever the conditions.

Your mind and the ego will tell you things have to be dealt with NOW. This second – and you can waste precious amounts of life trying to fix the future and playing out endless scenarios.

Just remember that the mind is a tool, so we can navigate the world. We can use it to dream, to imagine, to organise and to problem solve. We can also choose when we decide to do this. We ARE in charge.

The ego is a construct so we can use our awareness of our individual selves, to experience life and expansion. But it came at a price. The ego isn’t eternal, like we are.

So when we feel the pressures of time – the past keeps coming up, the future must be made absolutely certain for our safety and security…this is because the ego wants to keep the ‘physical you’ safe – so it can keep itself safe.

When your physical body dies one day, so will the ego. You, however, are an eternal being. To get in touch with the eternal, spiritual you, practise being absorbed, fully, in the moment.

So the ego is also a tool – it has its uses and its disadvantages. We can use it as a tool so we learn much about ourselves as individuals – but we don’t have to let it take over.


5) So say thanks to your mind and thanks to your ego – and thanks to all your emotions. They help you navigate this world. But we don’t have to be a slave to them or against them.

Say no thanks to stress and worries and panic and insecurities and dramas. You’re in charge.

They’re the waves and you’re the entire ocean – or they’re the clouds and you’re the whole sky. Ride the waves, let the clouds float on by. You’ll still be there. The storm isn’t going to last forever, it just feels it is. Afterwards comes peace. And rainbows. And New Moons!


Everything else is just weather. But you are ‘IT’.

6) Just allow the next 2 weeks to just ‘happen’. You’ll know if anything is really urgent or if you are just feeling stressed/panic/emotional.

It may help to label things as they come up – and then move them to one side ‘angry’, ‘stressed’, ‘tired’, ‘overwhelmed’, ‘rushed’ or ‘issues with work’, ‘problem with a friends words/actions’. Write them down if you need to.

Give yourself a little break and we’ll look at this again in 2 weeks.

The New Moon is Saturday 12th September.

Blessings, Sarah ♡♡♡

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