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All of this from Chocolate? Who knew!

Sacred Cacao was bypassed in the ‘60’s resurgence of medicine-plants because it does not act like a psychedelic – it does not take you on its trip, but facilitates your own.  There are Indigenous shamans in Central and South America who prefer cacao over psychedelics, but few have heard of them.  I am not here to speak for them.  I speak from my years of experience with cacao and cacao ceremonies since the Cacao Spirit began sharing and partnering with me in the metaphysical work that I do.  And I speak through sales of the cacao that She guides me to.

So what do you want?  Do you want a leader who says, “I can take you to a really great place.”?  Or a partner who comes from a different Co-operation, Co-creation, and going With you?  Where you get the personal empowerment because you weren’t ‘taken’ or had it ‘done to you’ (empowering the doer)… and where you are doing your own movement within a beneficial partnership and building trust for expanding such relationships on many levels… “As within, so without”.  This is not the old doctor, old shaman, old psychedelic, old male, old age model.  Neither does it diminish that paradigm or those who have business there.  What do You want?

In the last few years, the Holy Bean has emerged and is becoming known for its medical benefits, as a ‘raw’ food, and with the ‘bean to bar’ chocolatiers, making chocolate much as it was made 200 years ago.  Here I discuss another emerging world: spiritual and ceremonial cacao as a connection and partnership facilitator with an open-heart centering. 
The Food for the Shift.
•A sweet and deep creativity facilitator
•A productive focus enhancer (the best one i know in, say, a corporate or workplace environment) that keeps you better connected to wherever you source your insight, inspiration, and intuitition (unlike caffeine which gives only stimulation) 
•A wonderfully deep connection partner in physical activity from long hours of dancing to creative snowboarding
•A practice facilitator, from yoga to meditation
•Ceremonial cacao takes breath-work to another level
•Therapy, coaching, or team building with individuals or groups, is easier and goes deeper… a beautiful cohesion emerges
•An important ancient tool for journeying and shamanic use
•A delightful facilitator for any group work, at about half a ceremonial dose
•A major multidimensional partner in accelerated inner transformation and emotional release with greater ease and depth 
•The best dream and lucid dream facilitator around.  Really!… 8-10 gm taken in the middle of your sleep cycle when you awaken to pee.

Perhaps this is not the chocolate you are familiar with.

“The divine drink which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink permits a man to walk for a whole day without food.” …Hernando Cortés, 1519

cacao ceremony for me is an experience in multidimensional group energy… I could tell you about my cacao ceremonies (every one is different), but that would not tell you about anyone else’s cacao ceremony, because Cacao works with you where you are, and with the ceremonial facilitator through where they are.  Cacao brings the door but doesn’t push you through it.

Note: cacao is more often the name of the plant or its product, and chocolate the name of the preparation that you eat or drink… often these terms are used interchangeably.  Especially cacao is used to refer to something that has not been through regular commercial processing – which still means little in terms of the active compounds it contains – but more about that later.
“I have been giving it to coworkers in my office and I have really seen a synchronization of our energies and have been able to make a heart connection in a place usually filled with low vibes and stress.” …introduced to Ceremonial Cacao
Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung used cacao to treat patients in their hospitals.
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