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Alternate Realities and Our Alter Egos

By David Almeida |

Alternate realities are not the same as the astral domains occupied by alien races.  These fascinating realities exist alongside the many locales a (astral) projectionist will encounter in their journeys.  In science fiction literature, these realities are included in the definitions for alternate dimensions and parallel universes.  Alternate realities are the choices we did not make.  They represent the options we decided to forego in favor of another.  These realities are not without substance.  Nor are they an illusion.

Alternate realities are no different from the world we know.  In fact, they are the same as the one you know except that the circumstances have changed. The Family Man portrays a Wall Street millionaire named Jack Campbell (Nicholas Cage) who finds himself thrust into an alternate reality where he is working at a blue-collar job and married to his ex-girlfriend (Tea Leoni).  James Stewart also finds himself in an alternate reality in It’s a Wonderful Life.  Alternate realities cover the “what if” factor.  For each option, we do not take there is an alternate reality.  Since the possibilities available to us are endless, alternate realities are infinite in number.

Alternate realities and our alter ego is the work of our greater self, otherwise known as our greater mind or higher power.  Our collective minds manage this intricate system by order of the Universal Mind.  You could say alternate realities are but one aspect of the “master plan.”

Because future probabilities form our reality, alternate realities and alter egos make physical life possible.  Although this idea is difficult to conceptualize, if you understand that the future is rooted in the choices we make, it is easy to imagine how alternate realities exist.

Alternate realities operate in conjunction with the law of cause and effect.  All effects create a new moment to the exclusion of all other possibilities and probabilities.  However, the future is not predetermined.  Our choices determine which probable future will come to pass.  For example, You may go to a Nissan dealership with the intention of buying a Sentra.

After seeing what they have to offer, you go to a Honda dealership and purchase a Civic.  The fact that you decided against the Sentra does not mean that event did not happen.  It exists as surely as the Civic you purchased.  This is true of all the other choices you could have made.  You could have decided to buy a motorcycle.  Or you have used the money to go on a cruise.  The possibilities are endless, and your alter egos live out all of them.

Your alter ego may not be aware of your existence any more than you are of theirs.  Nonetheless, their actions affect the course of your life.  Your alter egos affect you in some small way, just as your choices affect them.  Alter egos are not separate from you.  They are part of your consciousness and your greater self.

What you should take away from this article is that the road not taken was pursued.  All paths have been trodden.  While it’s true your personality has not experienced every conceivable event, some part of your being has claimed all of them.  Alternate realities and alter egos make for an unusual theory.  However, this metaphysical concept fills a gap in the mysterious nature of reality.

By David Almeida



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