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Do you think the seedling knows it is an apple tree? Be an apple seed..

Think of a seedling that has found its way into the soil. This seedling is from an apple tree. Even before it found itself wedged in the soil it always had within it the purpose of being an apple tree. That wisdom is never lost on this seedling. Finding itself in the ground, it instinctively begins to use the moisture andnutrients in the soil to begin effortlessly and patiently manifesting on the outside what it knows it is on the inside. Roots begin to emerge and very soon after, with graceful force it sprouts up from underneath its bed of earth knowing it needs the light of the sun to truly create what it knows it is.

Harmoniously it uses the elements of earth, water and sun, as well as the powerful force of purpose to bring to life throughout the years a nearer representation of what it desires to become. All along though, even if most would not recognize it as an apple tree, it is and its purpose is to create apples that will be offered to all of God’s creatures. It will give to give; it lives because it knows that it is born to make delicious apples to be shared.

We as humans can live our whole lives without knowing what we are born to do. But as effortlessly as this seedling brings to life its purpose, we too were meant to do the same. This is the value in discovering what that purpose is and then keeping it in our sites. A thousand reasons can be made why we don’t want to, and we can go our whole life without knowing it or pursuing it if we choose.

But still our spirit knows it and will reemerge from the soil of humanity until the most conscious body decides to listen and blossom as it should. Why not give our apples now? What is there to fear? Is there any fright on the face of an apple tree?

Fear, excuses, stories, fascinations, latching on to the ego, dwelling in the past or being pulled away by thoughts about the future all block our view of this divine reason. Only a quiet and clean mind can clearly see the light of intention and the force of dharma. Just the same, only a quiet and clear mind can bring to life the light of intention and the force of dharma.  From stillness comes the grandest vigor.

It is a deep knowing that seemingly without any movement moves mountains. From where do you think the seedling knows it is an apple tree? From within! And this knowing from within aligns with what is all around it to penetrate the heart of creation. It is a divine dance; a body and a song swaying to the rhythms within each. It is the same song yet wonderfully unique in expression through form. It is an invisible melody born in the material. This melody is love.

Being aware of your dharma is communicating with the Divine, and the Divine responds. The pulse of a seedling is it purpose, its dharma. Without question that is what it is to become. Keeping your awareness on purpose creates a pulse of waves that can be heard by the Divine, and it answers by giving that purpose a field in which to bring itself to life just like the soil, water and sun that is provided effortlessly for the apple seed.



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