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Are You Experiencing After Death Communication?

Nothing affects our emotions as profoundly as the death of a loved one. The belief and knowledge that our loved ones continue to live on in an afterlife is one that has a powerful ability to bring comfort.

Our deceased loved ones use after death communication to comfort us during the time of grief and bereavement following their death, but in my experience, they also continue to make afterlife contact as a means of signalling their continued presence in our lives.

After death communication can take many forms. Our deceased loved ones can get very creative in their efforts to make contact.  Some of these methods of communication are very obvious, others more subtle.

The deceased often send us physically occurring signs to signal to us their continued presence in our lives. These signs can take the form of an object or occurrence that somehow reminds us of our loved one, or a synchronistic occurrence or event that causes us to think about them.

Synchronicity refers to those meaningful occurrences that we often experience in groupings. They signal to us that something beyond the ordinary is occurring.

Here’s an example of a synchronistic afterlife  sign;  you have a thought of your deceased Grandfather while driving and in the next instant you hear his name spoken over the radio. You then look at the licence plate on the car in front of you and see his initials.

The deceased often use wild animals or birds to send us afterlife signs.  Such a sign could manifest as  a bird or squirrel who behaves in a strange or  overly friendly manner or perhaps a butterfly that seems to follow your every move.

Others report after death contact that has them feeling physical sensations or experiencing a scent or smell in the room that reminds them of their loved one.  Such things as a feeling of hair being moved or tousled, a pressure on the bed next to you at night, or a brush against your cheek can provide assurance that your loved one is still near.

Many describe feeling a sensation of warmth that spreads over them or a whoosh of cold air when thinking about the deceased.

One of the most common forms of afterlife communication seems to be through music.  A favourite song or one that reminds us of our deceased loved ones will be heard at an opportune moment or under seemingly strange conditions.

Telepathic Communication, where a recurring thought regarding your deceased loved one or a picture of them that pops into your mind  is generally more subtle and takes a certain amount of belief and trust.

Our inner skeptic often must be kept at bay in order for us to acknowledge the receipt of these types of signs. When we become more adept at recognising them, entire conversations with our deceased loves ones becomes possible.

Physical death is not the ending of life. It is simply the beginning of a new experience. Our loved ones who have passed continue to be available to us. The Physical death of a loved one need not mean the end of our relationship with them, instead we can see death as the beginning of a new type and quality of relationship with them.


About The Author

Faye Schindelka is the author of a book entitled Poppies From Heaven….and Other Signs From the Hereafter, a personal story about afterlife communication.

Faye is a spiritual seeker who loves sharing ideas on metaphysics and spirituality with like-minded others.

To order Poppies From Heaven or learn more about this book, Proof of Life After Death – Book – http://www.wisdom-of-spirit.com/proof-of-life-after-death-book.html

Faye’s site Wisdom-of-spirit.com contains over 150 articles about Spiritual Personal Growth, life after death and Expanding Consciousness.



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