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Napoleon Hill’s Brain Principle from Think and Grow Rich. Scientifically explained by Janet Jones

Napoleon Hill’s Brain Principle

Napoleon Hill’s Brain Principle from Think and Grow Rich scientifically explained by Janet Jones Around 1912, Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, Dr Elmer R. Gates, scientific inventor and Dr Napoleon Hill, success philosopher, were the first to discover that the brain was an antenna to thought. Yes, your brain and mine, are both a transmitters and receivers of thought. You probably ...

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5 Steps to perfect Happiness

5 easy steps to perfect Happiness  by Janet Jones Happiness isn’t all that difficult really. Follow these 5-steps to a perfect day by Happiness Millionaire and feel yourself breath better and see the world with different eyes. 1. Get up earlier than everyone else and gift yourself some time alone. There is scientific evidence that change in our energy takes place ...

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