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Go with the flow..

Kaysen Asante | What does going with the flow actually mean? When you go with the flow you are in sync with the natural order of life. Letting all limits and inhibitions go. Not trying to control or manipulate an experience or situation. Just trusting in the universe that you are 100% supported in every aspect of life, 100% surrendering ...

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What is the purpose of becoming the ‘wise one’ on this path of enlightenment?

What is the purpose of becoming the ‘wise one’ on this path of enlightenment? Is it for the self or for others? Do you feel that you are on a path of enlightenment? Do you know the reason why you are on this path? Are you the type of person who enjoys taking substances to escape earth’s reality? As I ...

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Survival on Credit: How to break free

Survival on credit: how to break free

We live in a society that depends on credit cards, loans and overdrafts. What does all this mean in the reality outside of the matrix conformity?! By living on credit from any source, we are escaping aspects of our reality that we cannot accept. We cannot accept not going out at the weekend, treating ourselves to a take away, meal ...

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Ego and Spirituality – Finding a balance

ego and spirituality

Ego and Spirituality Some people quest on the spiritual path to become more of themselves, authentic and make changes to serves the holistic self. However, many think they have dropped the ego, but sometimes what happens is that the ego is transferred into the spiritual path and still exists as it did before. There are so, so many people that haven’t really ...

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