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3 Ways to Raise Your Vibration – How to Bring Greater Light Into Your Life

At this time on the Earth, many souls are now entering a new phase of life that is offering the opportunity for greater spiritual expansion. For some this happens by apparent chance, for others through choice. Some souls enter a time of spiritual expansion after a long period of ordeal where very little light could be seen or felt for ...

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How your Daily Life Can Change the World

change the world

Today’s world is reaching a crisis point, and while many of our social structures are still intact for this moment, there will come a time when major changes will need to occur in the way we are living our lives on a day to day basis. This bold statement is shared not to create alarm and fear, but rather to ...

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What’s my Soul’s Purpose? Manifesting your True Life’s Mission

Your Divine Soul Purpose - Manifesting your True Life's Mission

The new times that are arriving on the Earth will require a new kind of human being to navigate through the stormy waters of present day challenges, and to create new solutions based on the spiritual principles of harmony, balance, and respect for life. At this time on the Earth, many souls are awakening spiritually, and coming to more deeply ...

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