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Does your mood effect your dreaming?

Do our dreams mirror what we are sensing in our physical reality during the day?    Do our moods have an impact on our dream state and our dream control?   Do our daily moods and actions reflect what we experience in our dream reality?   Last week a good friend of mine raised an interesting question, whether or not ...

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Can we Meditate inside of a Lucid Dream?

Can we Meditate inside of a Lucid Dream? Have you ever had such a dream, not just a vivid dream, but a highly detailed dream in which you suddenly realise you have ALL the power in the Universe to create whatever it is you wish? You are fully engaged and aware that you are in-fact inside your own dream! This ...

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How to do Lucid Dreaming!

OK, so by now you probably know what Lucid Dreaming is BUT what is the best, natural and quickest way in inducing it? Over the years I have been trying all kinds of weird and wonderful ways in inducing this state… and have had luck in many different ways. The fact of the matter is there is no definite ‘one way solution’ ...

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