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Be a Catalyst of Change

by Tracey Ash In the 21 century, the world is aching to unwind and catch up in what should be a process of natural evolution. Some people want it. Some don’t. Some people are awake and others are unaware of any choice. I am interested in those individuals who dream and wish for change. These are the individuals who are ...

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Intentional Meditation & Science

It appears in awakening individuals into the internal lens of focus, this impacts how powerfully an individual can intentionally influence reality as yogis and mystics do. It indicates that cohesion is necessary for Psi ability and phenomena. This has profound implications for thought leaders of positive, conscious change. It takes us into tackling beyond limitations to free us as powerful ...

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Orbs – My Experience with video footage!

On 21 March 2011, Spring Equinox, 16 minutes of live energy orbs and inter-dimensional communication was filmed at The Mortuary Temple of Rameses III, Egypt. (original copy of the original film (no flash)) including smaller clips has been donated to PSI Science Institute Japan). Former-President of College of Psychic Studies, London, Max Eames, described it as, “The best material I ...

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