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B3 Brain Body Balance with Juliet Curtis

Being pregnant, I have been experiencing a lot of aches and stiffness as my body stretches to accommodate the baby. I was looking for a treatment that would help ease my lower back and also loosen my neck and shoulders. I discovered Juliet Curtis who’s based at The Hale Clinic, after I had heard amazing things about B3 from a friend that Juliet had treated.

I love the Hale Clinic, they do so many amazing treatments and B3 is one of them. It was my first time meeting Juliet, and I immediately warmed to her. She has a really warm and friendly energy about her and that made me feel relaxed!

What is B3?

B3 is a type of neuromuscular technique that releases the soft tissue and myofascia of the body allowing it to realign itself without the need for manipulation. A gentle, Practitioner-generated nerve impulse tells the body to release the tension and spasm of the soft connective tissues and has a deeply relaxing effect on the whole body.

It is safe to use on people of any age and stage including pregnancy after 12 weeks and is particularly effective in alleviating the symptoms of a range of conditions from scoliosis, neck and back pain, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulders, tinnitus, Parkinson’s, to digestive problems, emotional stress and postural misalignments.

Juliet worked to release the shoulders, neck and upper back to alleviate the tension from the spondylosis I was diagnosed with in 2014 (I am in recovery) and straighten the thoracic spine. She then worked the lower back, glutes  and deep stabilisers of the hip to allow the lower back to release and let go of any tension.

You may feel stiff for 24 hours after the session as the body increases circulation and nerve feedback to heal the areas we have released. Clients will notice an immediate change after treatment but to notice a fixed marked improvement I would recommend a series of 3-5 sessions depending on the client and condition severity.

With pregnancy, it is recommended as an ongoing therapy to ensure good postural alignment as the ligaments release and loosen as pregnancy continues.

What I really love about B3 is the way Juliet incorporates the Mind, Body and Soul. She is also a Reiki practitioner and incorporated this into the session and worked to align my chakra system. I felt amazing and so relaxed!

I would highly recommend this to everyone. I think everyone can benefit from it. I felt amazing after my session and can’t wait to go back again. My brain and body were balanced nicely.

About Juliet

Juliet is a registered member and Vice President of the B3 Association and a Reiki Master. Having trained in Cape Town, South Africa, she has practiced for 3 years in a private practice treating clients ranging from elite athletes and the elderly, to children, pregnant women and animals.

Juliet is the only B3 practitioner in the UK.




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