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Be a Blessing not a Curse!

In everyday life we have thoughts flowing through our mind. Our we conscious of what these thoughts are actually saying to ourselves? People think that thoughts do not have any impact on our lives. But, they are our conscious and subconscious aspects of our mind working in union. They either support one another or go against one another.

For example, we see a Snickers chocolate bar on the counter, our conscious thoughts are, ”this is going to taste amazing, just what I need to reenergise.” Our subconscious thoughts are, ”oohh, this is bad, going to add to my tyre belly, don’t think I need this right?” The battle in mind continues and we are trapped in thought of, what is the best option?

What happens when we are in a situation that feels right. Does the mind have this constant battle?

When something is right in thought the subconscious and the conscious mind support each other. For example, the conscious thoughts are, ”this apple would taste lovely, just what I need to energise”, the subconscious thoughts are, ”this will be one of my five a day and is so tasty”.

I am not suggesting in any way that everyone loves an apple as much as I do, but this is purely used as an example for the power of thoughts.

My point here, is that when we have thoughts about the truth, our conscious and subconscious mind do not go into conflict. Yet, they support each other, they sync and work together. You do not feel confused, annoyed or in a state of reflection.

Thoughts are this simple and powerful.

We have addressed the concept of thoughts and how the conscious mind and subconscious mind work against or in sync, let’s move on a little deeper.

Our body, mind and spirit knows what is best for our survival. FACT. We are born with instinct. I refer to instinct as ‘our innate nature of knowing the truth’. This is the subconscious alarm bell. When something feels right or doesn’t feel right your thoughts respond accordingly.

A general example of instinct; you enter a room, you feel that something isn’t right. Your thoughts tell you ”someone in this room cannot be trusted, its best to get out quickly.” Usually if you respond to this feeling and thought you would have removed yourself from the possibility of a negative situation occurring.

A personal experience of instinct in motion. I am waiting for a train, it is delayed. I have a feeling that something isn’t right, I feel restless. My mind is telling me that I should not get on this train. Due to it being late in the evening, I am tired and hungry, so when the train arrives I get on it. I ignore my thoughts and my instinct (feeling).

What happens next? The train travels 45 miles away from my home. I stand on the train and say to myself, why didn’t I listen to myself and just get the bus? Now I stand and feel guilty for not listening to the wisdom that lays within.

Some of us reading would have already grasped the concept of responding to instinct (feeling) and when your thoughts are ringing alarm bells to make change in any given situation. For those reading who have no clue what I am talking about. Now is the time to put this into practice.

We have covered the power of thoughts, the polarity that exists within thoughts and how to be mindful and respond to our instinct. Now we need to master the art of not being a curse but being a blessing in people’s lives by being mindful and managing our thoughts.

I advise on what I believe are great strategies to become a blessing not a curse. You can take my advice on, practice or you can take it with a pinch of salt. Ultimately it is your choice!

Step 1: Being mindful.

You need to observe your thoughts and understand what your mind is trying to tell you.

We can do this by observing our thoughts. It all starts with mastering you first. Master your mind and understand it. You need to listen to what thoughts pass in and out.

Street test: listen to your thoughts when you observe people on the street, stand next to them and when you talk to people. Observe your thoughts. What are your thoughts telling you? This may take, hours, a day, several days or several months. Do not be harsh and judge yourself.

It is so so so important to be patient with the self when becoming the observer of thoughts.

Useful books or YouTube videos would be to study mindfulness – or texts of the Buddha, as the Buddha’s way of life is that every moment of every life is the teacher, life is the school. You do not have to attend an institution to learn about life. So in this instance Buddha’s are very mindful of their thoughts and how they impact their immediate reality.

Step two: Feel, listen to what you feel inside

When something doesn’t feel right something in your situation or experience is not right. Listen to what both are trying to tell you and respond accordingly. This works for both successes and negatives.

For example, you may meet someone on the bus stop who makes you laugh, you stay talking with them because they are making you happy, you are smiling, laughing and have a good feeling inside of you. Before you leave you say thank you and good bye.

Once you have observed your thoughts and no the nature, you are almost there. Some questions to think about;

  • Are they positive thoughts?
  • Are they negative thoughts?
  • How does this make me feel?
  • Any particular area of the body that is uncomfortable?
  • Am I always judging people?
  • Am I always wanting to think about me, my opinions and judgements?
  • Are my thoughts of encouragement, empowerment, beauty and love? hmmm….. time to get real with your own mind and one self.

Now you need to decide, do I want to be a blessing to people or a curse?

This is what we aim to master. The art of the heart, pure and true, beauty and love. Be a Blessing!

Now when you are socialising or in the presence of other people you need to only hold thoughts of kindness, compassion, love and beauty. Be a blessing!

Even if you do not like the colour of their top or think something looks terrible on someone, you need to chuck that thought out and send them compassion or give them a compliment. Usually if we hold on to judgement, it can have a domino effect and even our facial expressions and body language changes express our thoughts.

We are all unique beings with our own individual expression of creativity and life. Therefore, do not judge others. This is not our responsibility to put our opinions and beliefs on to others. Call me hypocrite but I am only sharing knowledge from experience of what works.

When I see someone who is wearing something to big or too small for them, I send them compassion. If I can offer help or know someone who wants help I will give a recommendation. If they refuse the help, then who am I to judge? I have tried to be a blessing to that person.

In thought I sent them love and compassion. In action I offered a hand, but they have chosen to walk alone. This is perfectly fine.

In a nutshell, hold thoughts of compassion, love, kindness and beauty and walk in those shoes, the vibration of unconditional love. Unconditional love transcends all. Watch that person smile or ignore you. But, know in your heart, a feeling from within of truth, warmth and stillness, a synchronisation within thought (mind). Feel how good it feels to share beauty and pay compliments.

Be strong and confident.

The only way to live in peace is to live in peace within your own mind and heart. Once mastered you will emanate unconditional love out into the universe to contribute to the quest of harmony and peace to be restored as whole.

Thank you for your time.

Much unconditional love and peace.

Kaysen x

About The Author

As a Healer and Teacher I have a desire and passion to help and inspire people to make positive changes in their lives to be healthy and happy.

Experiencing a colourful life and loosing both parents to cancer spiralled a journey of discovery in the deeper meaning of life.

In November 2014 I ventured to the Amazon Rainforest and spent 20 days with an Indigenous Tribe, which connected me home, to Mother Earth.

My journey so far has been incredible; all of my experiences empower me daily to be the happiest women on earth and to share the love and light with you all.

Read my messages with an open heart and receive healing from a voice that lays within you. Love Kaysen @ Pura Aura See it and Grab It!

‘’There is so much opportunity around us, but only a few people open there eyes to see it. Are you one of them? We are living in the land of opportunity… so what are we doing with it?’’ @puraaura #onelove



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