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Be a Catalyst of Change

by Tracey Ash

In the 21 century, the world is aching to unwind and catch up in what should be a process of natural evolution. Some people want it. Some don’t. Some people are awake and others are unaware of any choice. I am interested in those individuals who dream and wish for change.

These are the individuals who are already awake, who seek a catalyst to unlock their dreams of change. They don’t seek a life guru but a mentor and catalyst who will show them how to unlock the way. We are fast evolving under advancing technologies and information overload that mirrors exactly where super-consciousness is and where world is not.

Contemplate for a moment what your awareness is directing about self and world? What is your vision? Make notes. Contemplate how self and world could be? Make notes. Can you vision these possibilities and can you choose all in a super-energy transformation experience. This is super-accelerated awakening! This is super-easy! As if you were stopped but now ready to re-enter at hyper-speed. It is indeed a big super-speed transformation catch-up time if you wish it.

This can be a time for you of incredible, super-speed transformation beyond anything you have experienced in the past. Knowing and transforming your limiting stories unlocks incredible visions, dreams and energy during these times of monumental. This unlocks super-energy and a life force that is magnificent. This in turn ignites the unlimited self in those we reach out to in our lives. In a magnificent life force you are change, you can create change, you ignite change in others, you are free.

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