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5 Steps to perfect Happiness

5 easy steps to perfect Happiness 

by Janet Jones

Happiness isn’t all that difficult really. Follow these 5-steps to a perfect day by Happiness Millionaire and feel yourself breath better and see the world with different eyes.

1. Get up earlier than everyone else and gift yourself some time alone. There is scientific evidence that change in our energy takes place at dawn and that is the best time to be awake!

2. Maintain your enthusiasm by creating a routine of exercise and meditation as soon as your feet touch the ground in the morning. This feeds your spirit and focuses your energy on having a good day before you can think of the challenges ahead. We are creatures of habit and work best when we know what to do. The first five minutes of the day determine how the day will go. If you get up feeling tired and fed up that is the day you will get. If you get out of bed and greet the day with a smile and honour your body with some stretching and meditation you will have a day filled with gratitude and happiness. You will be emotionally stronger and will be able to face life’s ups and downs with a smile.

3. Have a healthy nutritional breakfast. Avoid coffee as a stimulant. If you have had 6-8 hours sleep and started your day with exercise, a stimulant shouldn’t be necessary first thing in the morning. If you feel it is, perhaps detox and go through the pain of withdrawals. You will be amazed at the energy you have without caffeine in your body!

4. Do something for someone else. It is a fact that the best way to feel happy is to give to others. It doesn’t have to be fancy and you don’t even have to buy anything. Putting the kettle on and making someone a cup of tea when you see they don’t have the time is a special gift too. Talking to an ole neighbour instead of rushing buy is a gift. Money is not necessary so no excuses!

5. Get yourself out in nature. It is not possible to be in a bad mood when you surround yourself with nature. Breathe its energy in! When you do this, stop all your thinking and quieten your mind. Only think about your surroundings and how amazing it is and breathe deeply and slowly. You will reduce the pressure from your heart and circulate more oxygen making you healthier and happier.

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About Janet Jones

About Janet Jones, YOUR Happiness Millionaire™! Janet is a self-confessed millionaire…not in cash but happiness. She is wealthy in ideas, but it is riches that have not come easy. Her life spiralled out of control 14 years ago after her beloved father, Tommy, committed suicide. She had a nervous breakdown, but instead of turning to anti-depressants, Janet turned her life round thanks to American author Napoleon Hill, whose motivational books were written 100 years ago. She not only got her confidence and happiness back but followed her dreams to become an award winning speaker, photographer and author. Now she’s on a mission to inspire others through her company Happiness Millionaire™. She shows individuals how to go from POOR (poverty thinkers, overwhelmed, off-balance and having regrets, to RICH (relationships, income, confidence, health and happiness) through a series of images she devised linked to Hill’s 13 Think and Grow Rich principles. Bringing photography and psychology together in her books and training programs, Janet is changing lives all over the UK and now globally. When Janet discovered personal development, within a year she had been hiking in Peru, raised £4,000 for disadvantaged children and started a degree in photography – something she had dreamed about since being a teenager. Using this very same system Janet is now growing the global brand Happiness Millionaire™ and creating photographic products. The first in the series is Happiness Millionaire’s Motivation at a Glance, pocket book of images. They are a time tested success and happiness photographic system. Since winning the Women Inspiring Women, Best Speaker/Trainer Award Janet now speaks around the world, teaching her unique collection of images and real life steps to deep-rooted success and happiness, which have helped people, double their income, overcome depression, start businesses and live a fulfilling life true to them. Due to how the images affect the mind, those who master Janet’s images have made progress quicker than they ever thought possible.

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