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Black seed oil…”a cure for all diseases except death”

Nigella Sativa is an annual flowering plant native to India, Egypt, the Middle East and some of South West Asia. Pale blue and white in colour, the fruit inside contains the seeds which are used for cooking.

The name nigella is derivative of the latin “niger” meaning black and sativa from the latin term meaning “sown” or “cultivated”. Bitter and pungent in taste, black seeds are often used in naan dishes and middle eastern cuisine.

In Ayurveda nigella sativa was used to help aid digestion and right up to now it is given to women post natal to help with lactation.

The history of nigella sativa dates as far back as ancient Egypt, some 3000 years ago. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Also known as the “blessed seed”, black seed oil was in fact found in the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh king Tutankhamun.

Moreover, the prophet Mohammed described it as “a cure for all diseases except death”.Alternative names for nigella sativa include kalonji, black cumin, roman coriander, fennel flower and black caraway.

Chemically, nigella sativa contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), thymoquinone, nigellone, melanthin, nigelline, damasscenine, and trans- anethole.

Almost all of its fat content is in the form of omega 3(Linoleic) and 6(Oleic) fatty acids – which are very important for overall health and the immune system. High in minerals, nigella seeds also contain calcium, iron, potassium and sodium.

In recent research, studies have shown that black seeds have had many healing properties and are used to help with respiratory problems, skin infections, digestive problems, hair growth, brain functions and nerve functions.

Some of the specific health conditions that black seeds have been proven to biologically improve include MRSA, asthma, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, colon cancer, and helicobacter pylori infection.

Furthermore, nigella sativa has proven to be anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti oxidant, anti viral, anti HIV, anti diabetic, liver protecting, and also a broncodialator!

Recent studies have shown that nigella sativa has had enormous capabilities on tumour cell death, and it has been shown to be effective against numerous cancers including colon cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and brain cancers.

The nigella sativa cancer protocol is three teaspoons of the oil mixed with half a teaspoon of raw (manuka) honey, three times a day – before breakfast, in the afternoon and before bed. Simple yet effective!

A great way of taking nigella sativa oil is orally. I usually have one tablespoon of black seed oil with a drop of oil of oregano in the morning. I have seen a big improvement with my concentration and digestion since taking it.

Another way to benefit from Black seed oil is to try pulling it in the morning. Same as normal oil pulling, 15-20 minutes swishing it in your mouth(no swallowing) then spit it out in the bin. To me it seems the benefits of black seed oil are endless.

One teaspoon a day can have so many benefits on your immune system. This is remarkable, and is a common occurrence among traditional plant medicines hence why they are so important for healing!

Enjoy this beautiful gift from mother nature!

By Tete Munalula x

About The Author

Hello my name is Tete Munalula and I am a student from Southwest London studying Naturopathy!

My love for herbs and natural medicine began when I travelled across India in 2012. Upon my travels, I began reading the theory of Ayurveda, Panchakarma and ancient medicinal practices.

I carried a little pouch with my Ayurvedic oils with a list of their uses and I began to forget about my bag of medicine that I brought from England with me.

The herbs made me feel more in tune with nature and that made me want to study it further. As soon as I got back to England I tried to find an Ayurvedic course which was pretty hard but I then found a naturopathy diploma which I am studying now.

I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome in 2013 and in 5 months I managed to reverse my PCOS by changing my diet, lifestyle, using herbs, and using the principles that I was taught in my first semester of my naturopathic course.

My experience was inspirational to myself as I saw firsthand how powerful nature is if your believe in it.

I am pleased that Jessica has given me the opportunity to share my story on the GOM website, and I hope my story would be inspirational to others!

Please lookout for any other articles I have to share on here!




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