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Blue Moon In Aquarius: Balancing Self-Expression With Collective Needs

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We will be having a Full Moon in Aquarius on July 31st at 10:43am Universal Time. It is the second one of July, which we refer to as a “Blue Moon” in modern times. This happens every 2-3 years.

The origins of the term Blue Moon trace back to theMaine Farmer’s Almanac in the 19th Century. However, it originally referred to the 3rd of 4 Full Moons in a season, and interestingly was not associated with a calendar month like it is today. Therefore we now have both seasonal and calendar Blue Moons, this one being the latter. I have found that in some cases the events and circumstances which occur during these Moons may ring true to the “once in a blue moon” definition.

About Full Moons

Full Moons are the peak of the Moon cycle, as this is when the light of the Sun completely fills the Moon and marks the beginning of the following 2 week period when the light starts fading. This is known as the “waning phase.” Symbolically, because this is when the light begins to recede, this represents a time of release. Full Moons are generally the most intense and lively time of the Moon cycle.

The Sun is associated with our Ego needs and the Moon is associated with our Emotional needs.

The astrological themes for each Full Moon can start to be felt in the week leading up to it. The events and circumstances that occur in our lives on the exact day usually challenge us. The Sun and Moon are opposite each other, so whatever signs they are in will most strongly influence the themes.

Just like the New Moon, you can also have intentions for the Full Moon, with the difference being that for this phase your intentions should be associated with some sort of release or need for change. If you have been feeling that there is something to let go of, then use this period for the most powerful effect. You can also use Full Moons to begin a cleanse or detox. (Read more about intentions and detoxing at the bottom of the article)

Sometimes the events and circumstances that happen to us around the Full Moon will create an awareness within ourselves that we need to change or let go of something. However, this is not always the case. Some Full Moon circumstances might just help you bring something to your awareness to help you make better choices.

Full Moon in Aquarius, Opposite Sun in Leo

Full Moons are a time where we feel challenged by working with the energy of two opposite signs. In this case it is the polarity of Aquarius and Leo.

Aquarius is associated with collective. It is about friends, networks, associates, peers, and co-workers. Coming together and working with others who share common ideals for the future is an Aquarius outlook on life. Aquarius likes both technology and science, especially if used for the betterment of humanity.

aquariusLeo, which is the opposite of Aquarius, is associated with the creative self-expression of an individual as opposed to the intellect of group energy. It likes to perform, create, lead, or compete. Leo wants to shine and receive praise for its achievements.

Leo wants attention from the group, and at its highest expression, receives that attention in a positive way by being a stellar performer, creator, competitor, and a leader. Leo is also the Lover. However, when in its “shadow,” it seeks that attention in a negative way such as being egocentric and participating in drama.

During this Full Moon, Aquarius challenges the Leo energy. We can use our creativity, our leadership, and our self-expression in a way that serves the group or humanity in general.  Or we can stay on the Leo side at the risk of expressing its shadows, such as being too caught up in drama, romance, and egocentricity. If this is the case, then we can expect the Aquarian energy to come in and present itself to us in a way that makes us more considerate of the group and/or a collective cause.

Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus Retrograde

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and it is in Scorpio forming a tight square aspect with Jupiter in Leo and Venus in Virgo (about to go back in Leo). Venus started its retrograde on July 25th and will last until September 5th. This marks a time that could bring up either challenges, new awareness, or shifts in anything related to our love lives, our values, or pleasure. (Read more about it here).

Saturn, which is also retrograde, is the planet of commitment, discipline, work, responsibility, and restriction. It is in the sign of Scorpio which is associated with shared money, values and resources, as well sexuality, jealousy, and fears of rejection.

The square that it makes to Venus and Jupiter could bring up the above mentioned themes in circumstances around love, fun, beauty, creativity, or values. The way we spend money, especially if it is from credit or a shared/inherited resource, could also be an issue. Jupiter can overdo things and sometimes doesn’t know when to stop. For some people, they may experience a more fortunate version of this energy where Jupiter brings luck. However it plays out, with Saturn in this tense aspect it creates an awareness of the need to integrate a new sense of responsibility in our lives.

Although you should notice these themes around the Full Moon, they will also play out strongly during the period from August 2nd – August 5th. To learn more about this period, I encourage you to read my recent Venus Retrograde article if you haven’t already.

Things You Can Do For This Full Moon

If there is anything that you feel you need to release from your life, make that intention sometime after the first 24 hours after the exact Full Moon (Click here to see for your time zone). This is a good time to take a look at what changes you need to make in order to strike an appropriate balance between your ego’s role as a lover, creator, ceperformer, and leader, and your emotional need to contribute to the collective. What adjustments need to be made in your life? And/or is there something that you need to let go of?

During Full Moons and throughout the following week, it is a good time to start (or take action towards starting) a cleanse or detox. Aquarius rules the circulatory system, so one option could be using herbs to cleanse the blood of impurities. Burdock root is one of the best herbs to use, and Blood Cleanse from Banyan Botanicals has great synergizing ingredients to assist in this type of cleanse.


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